About Me and the Blog

I find it hard to write about myself because I don’t think of myself as the main character of any grand adventure but more of a side character. I mean it can also be the fact that I’m a pretty shy person in general and I find it rather awkard and it’s not to mean that I think I’m not important. There are many awesome side characters that go on to make a huge impact in the narrative that plays on afterward. As an example, I think of obi-wan Kenobi in Star Wars. He’s not a traditional main character, but a side character that helps develop the main characters story. So like him, I find myself as a passenger in a greater narrative which is God’s story.

When I think of the Bible and especially the old testament I think of king David, Abraham, Moses, Noah, etc. They in all respects were the main characters of the small portion in history but in totality of THE BIBLE, they are side characters. They all were to represent the main character which was God. They are in no way perfect, and neither am I, but just as they made an impact in history I think I do so as well but maybe not as big. I also think that we all have a bigger part to play in history than we think.

I say this to preface that I am not a perfect person, nor am I the greatest example of a christian but I do love Christ. So I would like to represent Christ in my life by talking about him in a way that honors and glorifies Him as the main character.

First off, I was blessed to be born to the best parents I could’ve ever had. My parents are flawed too and they can be stubborn like me but I can say without a doubt that they love me and I love them. Growing up I didn’t realize how blessed I am to have my parents. Not many people grow up with two parents in the home nowadays, so suffice it to say I have been given a gift. It wasn’t until later that I really started to appreciate who my parents are and what they have struggled through to give me the life they couldn’t have.

I have two sisters, of which I am the middle child. I unfortunately didn’t create the opportunities earlier in life to grow closer to them, as I now would’ve liked, but I see them now as role models to which I strive to be. Like my older sister. She is a person who is so organized and passionate about the things she does. It’s like she’s so purposeful and never misses a beat when the opportunity presents itself. I would like to be as bold and as decisive as her. I wish to be like my little sister who has shown herself to be the most compassionate and kind person I have ever met, She loves children in the way I hope to one day replicate, oh and she is the most comedic person I have ever met.

I am a bit of a nutcase. An introvert who desires deep personal connections. A homebody who desires grand adventures but is also a bit afraid to step out of his comfort zone. A person who starts things with passion but rarely sees it to completion. A person who knows his weaknesses intimately but little about his strengths. A flawed individual but above it all I love Jesus. And I know that when I am weak he is strong. I struggle most definitely, but I want and desire God more than anything in my life. If there is one thing that I would love to be known for, it is to have been known for my love for God.

The character I want to be is the one that sidelines himself for the good of all. To my knowledge, it’s not a popular opinion to consider yourself to be a side character. Everybody wants to be the main character in their story; wants to make themselves known. But from what I have learned as a christian, it’s not about making myself known but making him known through me. So that’s why I started this blog to make him known as the main protagonist of my story so that others may one day make him theirs. There is no greater honor to me than to represent the one who came before me and is greater than I.

With that being said, If you are reading this blog and aren’t a christian and are wondering who God is, I’d like to give you a rundown of who he is and why he is so important to me and I hope to you one day too.

In the beginning God created man so he can have fellowship with us, not because he needed to but because he wanted to. He gave man free will because it is only with free will that we can really love; but man made a choice to sin. All men have sinned and the wages of sin is death. Sin is what eternally separates us from God but God loved us so much he came up with a redemption plan. See death is the payment for sin and God made it clear, through animal sacrifices, that the only way sin could be forgiven was through the offering of blood. But those sacrifices weren’t the solution. It was only to remind us of the seriousness of what sin is and to foreshadow the actual solution; For the solution that God planned was this. He would come to be the ultimate sacrifice.In his love for us, Jesus, God, came for thirty three years and walked with man and offered up his own body as a sacrifice for our sins. he would take the punishment for our sins and hang them up on the cross with him. God took on our punishment so that we would not be eternally separated from him; so that we could come home. All he wants us to do is believe in him and to turn away from the sins that enslave us and only leads to eternal separation in hell.

That is his story. Now, I don’t know everything I just study the Bible in my own time so I will get things wrong so if you want to know more I refer you to the Bible itself. My desire in life is to share this with others, to share the freedom that comes from being forgiven and rejecting sin, to share the relationship I have with Jesus, and to share the love he has for me, with others.

The secondary reason for this blog is to share life, my experiences, my opinions and speak about things I love. I’m a book fanatic, I like to write, play video games, work out, run, watch anime, train my dog Milo, and etc. I want to be a physical therapist which is something I’m currently going to school for. I’m studying Japanese in order to visit Japan one day. I hope to get plugged into a church hopefully when all this Corona virus stuff is done. So that’s just a bit about me and my desires for this blog. also another thing, I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I worry about making this blog perfect but I know It never will be, so with that I will end my first blog.

God Bless!

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