Books I’m Reading right now.

I love books so I tend to start a lot of books and therefore take a while to read them but I I like the books I’m reading. I’ll give a brief description and where my feelings are at with the book.

To sleep in a sea of stars is a sci-fi story about man meeting extraterrestrials for the first time. It’s told entirely in the perspective of the main character Kira. She is a xenobiologist and is working for a company that sends people to other parts of the galaxy in order to find planets that can be terraformed. From what I know so far it has a bit of an Alien movie vibe. The beginning was mostly getting to meet the main character and find out her backstory and her struggles with working for the company while juggling with her personal life. The real horror vibes come when she finally meets the alien. Honestly I have no idea where the story is going which is good thing because it makes me want to read more.
outdated by Jonathan Pokluda

This is a book about dating in a world that makes dating into some kind of game. It’s told from the perspective of a pastor in Waco, Texas who has a heart and passion for many struggling christians and individuals that find it really hard to find love in today’s modern age. His heart is to help those who have questions about what dating is like from a biblical perspective. He a gives a straight forward honest take on what the world see’s as dating and what true biblical marriage that lasts is like. So far I really enjoy this book. His illustrations are entertaining and very simple to understand. Having heard him preach a few times it’s funny how well his voice translates into the book.

Mistborn: The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson

If you know me, I am a big Brandon Sanderson fan. This series is a kind of a continuation of a series he made prior. I don’t have the hard copy so I’m listening to this on audible. I love a good investigation story; private detectives and the like. This one brings that. It’s told in the perspective of a detective who lost his wife when a deranged man tricks him into killing her. Suffering from the loss and not knowing what to do he gets word that he has inherited a great fortune from a relative who passed away. Reluctant, he takes responsibility of the estate and works tirelessly to amend the debt his uncle has accumulated; all the while a new group of terrorist are making a name for themselves in the city. He slowly gets sucked back to the life of fighting crime but will his struggles endanger him or the people around him? I love the complex characters and the world building and just the overall adventure. Its pretty simplistic and kind of predictable for now but Its a good ride.

These are the three books I’m currently diving into. Im curious to how they will end. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this and I hope to put up reviews of these books when I’m done. Im curious to know what books you guys are interested in. I’m always looking for suggestions so if you have one go ahead and write it down in the comments. With that I will end this blog.

God bless.

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