Being a Christian in a Liberal School

I’m not gonna say anything particularly political or anything. Thats not my purpose and I feel like that distracts from the main reason I write about christianity. Plus I think after the elections, everybody is pretty tired of the politics. I would just like to write about my experiences.

Being a christian in a liberal school has its difficulties. First of all, I know I am in the minority when it comes to certain topics. When it comes to research, the information handed to us is biased. it’s all well and good because I think it’s important to hear from two different perspectives. Even if I disagree. What becomes hard is the idea that the stuff handed to us is expected to be accepted.

I’m currently taking an English class right now and the topics are very one sided. What I mean is that we are told to make an argumentative paper but are only given resources that support one side. It is our decision to write whether we agree or not but if we aren’t provided a broad spectrum of resources with different opinions how can we make a choice?

We are given the assignment to respond whether we agree or not to the readings on a discussion board. then we are told we need to respond to two other classmates based on their opinions. I find this extremely difficult when everyone basically writes the same thing. I have only found one other person who wrote something different than the rest. Unfortunately, we are not given resources to use to back up our assertions other than our own experiences.

We also have to write argumentative essays based on a prompt taken from the readings. then we are told we need to share our papers with another student and peer review it. This also becomes a copy paste assignment since the same resources we are given are used to form the arguments. The positives I find are that I see points where we do agree and where I see the middle ground. The negatives are that I feel as if the students aren’t given a fair chance to form their own opinion.

There have been times as a student I have been outright told that God does not exist. There have been times as a student where I felt that I could not voice my own opinion. There are times as a student where I’ve felt uncomfortable with sharing my own opinions because of a very vocal minority of the class. There have also been times where God has allowed me to share the gospel. There have been times where I have been able to have good conversations with others in topics we disagreed in. There have been good and bad moments, but I just wonder how else we are suppose to tackle the culture nowadays. I don’t talk to people in my class too often because I’m just not that social but I just think about the opportunities I have been given and I don’t think I would have had those if I had been in a christian college.

With that I will end this blog.

God bless.

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