Guard Your Heart

Proverbs 4:23 “keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.”

I was reading the Book Outdated right now when it talked about how we need to retrain our heart what it should want.

Sayings like “The heart wants what the heart wants,” and “follow your heart,” is not good advice because what the heart wants is proportional to what we let in to our hearts. Sometimes, that’s not good. The bible says that our hearts are desperately wicked and also that the lamp of the body is the eyes.

To get straight to the point the Bible says that our hearts are constantly changing and that what we are around has a great influence with what we desire and what we do.

How odd is it to say that the eyes are the lamp of the body. In a dark room you follow the light right? so same thing applies. whatever the eyes take in is what the body follows. (body=heart)

In the book he made it really simple to understand. Advertisement. If what the Bible says about the heart wasn’t true, advertisement would not be a thing. To a greater extent, certain things we watch on tv are an advertisement to what the world desires and if are hearts follow what we see or hear than what we see on tv will be what we desire.

I’m not saying that you should stop watching tv, but that we should be careful what we let in to our hearts because it can be deceitfully wicked.

Another example he gave was Netflix. When we go on Netflix there’s a section there that says “what we recommend for you”, and it’s based off what you have been binging at the time. Your heart will do that. Your heart will recommend to you what you have been putting in it. If you have been spending your time soaking in the lies from social media, the news, movies, tv shows, and music then you’re most likely gonna be desiring those things as well.

He writes “Don’t follow your heart; inform your heart, teach it where you want it to go.”

This applies to so many things in our lives. It’s amazing to me that God built us this way. that we could inform our hearts and teach and take control rather than let it control us.

It really makes me think about the things that I’ve been letting into my own heart. Whether it be media, tv, movies, or music. I notice now how there’s change in my attitude when I’ve been focusing on things that are negative. or how my heart desires things I know I shouldn’t want because of the ideas that I let in. What have I been spending my time on? and how can it be affecting me.

Anyways with that i’ll end this blog.

God bless

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  1. Good thoughts! I read the book on my train trip, and found it to be super insightful. I loved how JP emphasized the gift of singleness–the time that we have NOW for the glory of the Lord–because it really is a gift!

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