12 Rules for Life: Chapter 1 A retrospective

I started listening to this book call 12 Rules for life by Jordan Peterson. I think what I’m gonna do is kind of reflect on each chapter and write down my thoughts. I think that should help me get something out of this.

He’s a highly intelligent, well read man; Jordan peterson. So a lot of the concepts he throws out there are pretty well thought out.

For instance, his first chapter is all about the lobster. Let me explain. Each chapter I think is going to go through a rule for life, and this chapter is called keep your head up and shoulders back. The reason he gives for this rule are backed up from his research, but the lobster seems to be the highlight. He says that the lobsters live in a hierarchy. The biggest baddest lobster is usually the most confident and most successful, but they have a major weakness. IF they are beaten in battle by another lobster, who is lower than him, his ego is struck down. He says that something happens in the lobsters brain that completely eradicates their confidence to the point where they no longer fight any other lobster. He says that the lobsters brain actually restructures itself completely.

He says this to point out that the human brain is very similar. Those who are most confident are usually the ones who have more success but if something were to breakdown this persons confidence then that person is more likely to keep themselves from progressing forward. He found that those with agoraphobia have had similar circumstances happen to them. Their brains are restructured.

Those with agoraphobia are not usually born this way but he says that these people usually are those who have a had a rough life. They usually are soft spoken and submissive and are most likely to not speak their mind. IF they hold on to those feelings that may lead them to an increased level of sensitivity leading to their agoraphobia.

He then says how the brain can be influenced. It’s so crazy to me how I was just writing about guarding your heart; how you can rewire the desires of your heart. Now I have someone saying something similar and backing it with science.

He says that there have been studies that say that the very act of smiling releases hormones in the brain that can actually help you feel better. He also says that that is why specialists are recommended for people who are depressed or people with disorders of the mind because they can help you tackle the issues you aren’t willing to confront. He says that those who are able to train their minds to think more positively will have more positive outcomes happen to them.

The saying “fake it till you make it,” comes to mind, because you aren’t actually faking it. You are training your mind to think more wholesomely. Thats why he says to walk with your head up, shoulders back and to assert yourself in a more confident manner even if the circumstances aren’t what we ideally want. This will lead you to better success in the long run.

Anyways, with that I will end my blog.

God bless.

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