The Religion of Politics

To preface, I don’t really talk about politics especially because I think it detracts from something which is far more important to me which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I just want to share my observations of the past few years and shed light on a subject that I think can be harmful. Politics has become the newest religion in the early 21st century.

Nowadays people have put their faith in politics; it’s no longer in Jesus. I see this in conservative circles as well as liberal circles. They are looking to the government, the president, to fix the things they don’t like so it can be the way they think it should be. The government has become a savior of sorts. This can be seen clearly through this past years election. The issue is that, while I do believe it is important to know what is going on and to be active, It’s not in the hands of man to fix the issues of man. Our savior is not the president and it’s definitely not the government. It is Jesus. that is who we as christians put our faith in. The issue then becomes that people put their politics before Jesus.

Many people so adamantly believe in the politics they hold dear to, that they obsessively share their beliefs to those around them. Now as a christian the Bible tells us that we should make disciples and that we should preach the gospel. We share our beliefs because we believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one comes to the father except through him. We do this because it is our loving duty to tell people that Jesus came to earth to die for our sins; that he is the Savior this world is looking for. This same idea of sharing, is found in those who hold their politics on a pedestal. They share because they believe what they say is right and want others to believe and act the same way as them.

One caveat, is that I find that both conservative and liberal circles use this as an excuse to call people names, point accusatory fingers, and be less tolerant of the opposite side. This is a huge problem because as it gets into the church we see the church divided along with the country. We see people saying and doing things because they believe their opinions are truth and everyone else is wrong when in actuality as a christian we should see the Bible as THE source of truth. the Bible says that Jesus unites while the devil divides. That wherever there is division the devil is the orchestrator of it.

As Christians we do things in the name of Jesus when in politics they do things in the name of equality, justice, or freedom. the Bible says that the fruit of the spirit will make itself evident in those who believe. Love, joy, peace, Goodness, kindness, faithfulness, self-control, long- suffering, and gentleness. These are the fruits that show what is in the heart of an individual and will make themselves evident when their faith is put to the test.

The hearts of people are not won by winning arguments. People leave more bitter and hardened when they argue over what they believe. As christians the Bible says that one sows while the other reaps. Meaning when we share we are sowing seeds in the heart of others. We are not there to argue someone into believing Jesus. We are there to share the heart of God and whether they believe is on them. We are there to bring Jesus to them in a place where there might be understanding. It is up to the Holy Spirit to do the rest.

People have wrapped their identity in politics in much the same as a believer makes his identity in Christ. Where God is never changing; a rock on solid ground from which we build our homes, politics changes every decade. Things come and go. When People change, Agendas change, and people get hurt. What was once the latest headline becomes old news. The world of politics is unstable and because of that many people who build their lives around it find themselves disenfranchised when things change. What happens to a church who adopts world politics? have they drawn people closer to God? or have they created another Gap for others to hurdle before coming to God?

What I am saying is that there are stances that churches need to stand firm on but others where it is hardly important. The stances that churches need to stand against are the ones that come into direct contradiction to the word of God or change the word of God to fit the world. This again is building the church on something other than Jesus. It is dangerous and should be avoided because as christians we should not conform to the world but be transformed by the renewal of our minds by way of the word of God.

Politics in many ways has become much like a religion. People have put their identity in, their faith in, and their savior into their politics. As christians I believe it is important to not allow this way of thinking to enter into the church. It brings forth division, creates obstacles for nonbelievers, and produces bad fruit in the believer. its okay to have a different opinion though. This has just been my observation.

With that I will end this blog.

God bless

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