Review: To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini

It has been a long journey but I can now say I have finished this book. It’s about time haha. I have been dragging this book around with me everywhere to finish it and I got to say I really enjoyed it. It was a huge space epic which seems like it’ll be the start of something grand and spectacular. If I had anything bad to say about this book is that I need to wait for more of this universe.

To begin, this story is about a young lady named Kira, she is a xeno-biologist and is in charge of going to other planets and cataloging all the different fauna that surround the planet. On the eve of her last night there, she is told she needs to go check out a disturbance out on some part of the planet that they had spent months scouring, when she comes into contact with some mysterious substance. Every dream, every hope, and every wish vanishes in that moment as she is thrown into this struggle of epic proportions. This book is written so well that I’m already at the next chapter before realizing it. It slows down in pace considerable at some points, necessarily I might add to give the sense of time and growth, but overall is well balanced and so interesting that I couldn’t put it down.

So like all my reviews I’ll break down all the elements and explain what I like the most about each element.

  • Genre

This is a Sci-fi story through and through with a ton of scientific jargon that it sometimes made my head spin. Basically for the most part if the plan involved getting from point A to point B there was usually a lot of talk about how that was going to get done, from which I would say ” I don’t know what any of that means but let’s go!” All jokes aside the book helped you understand the concepts and terms and even has resources in the back to go to if you need a refresher.

Since this is a book about first contact really, the beginning of the book reminded me a lot of the Alien movie. The book is really unforgiving and the main character goes through a lot. She is one tough cookie. The book takes a lot of time to build up the universe and the main protagonist, that everything seems so natural at the end. At the end, I was even thinking about ways they can defeat the nightmares with all their available resources.

  • Characters and Aliens

There is a whole slue of different characters that come to life in Kira’s story that at one point I thought she was basically going to be on her own throughout. She gains the ability to be a little more resilient than most, by way of the first Xeno interaction, but we are often reminded of the fragility of man by way of the people around her. Space is unforgiving and Paolini doesn’t neglect to remind us of that.

That being said by the end of the book there were the main stay of characters all of whom you grow attached to. There is the stubborn and rough, Captain Falcons, who on the inside has a deep loyalty to his crew and his ship. The condescending Ship-mind ( its like an AI but not because he used to be human but transferred his consciousness into a ship) Gregorovich, who’s declining mental health, based on past trauma, makes him a fiercely loyal companion to the crew. There are so many other characters that are main stays that its hard to get to them all. They all come with their own backstory, their own stakes, desires, and hopes, that by the end you feel like you know these people.

  • Romance

The beginning of this book develops a Romance that had been on the works far before we meet Kira and her accident. But then something happens so there’s not much of it save until the end. The development of our main character helps her find solace in others more than she had before. In the end she even says that they feel closer to her than her own family. With her trauma she doesn’t develop much of a romance until rather later when she gains more confidence in herself.

  • Plot

The plot slowly reveals itself along the journey as She and the crew from the Wallfish discover more about what is going on and what their roles are in War. Everything comes in full circle and its just amazing how what seemed like an insignificant event in the beginning turned out to be of the utmost importance at the end. Every decision has a weight in it. Its done really well though for most of the beginning you are left wondering what is going to happen.

  • Conclusion/ Final thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I got asked if I liked it since it was taking me a while to finish it and I really did it’s just with school and work it was getting a bit harder to find the time and place to read. Therefore, I would carry the book to work, and around my house so when I had the time I could go at it. I think this book was really well written because despite the scientific jargon that the book throws at you to learn, its so engaging that you hardly notice it.I fell in love with most all of the characters even the ones that didn’t have as much development as the others. It’s definitely a start of something new and I’m excited to read more eventually. You really get a sense of scope this author is going for with this series he is writing so im excited.

Anyways with that I will end this blog!

God bless.

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