Review: Made for Friendship

I just finished the book Made for Friendship. I usually do book reviews but with this kinds of books I like to unload my thoughts on what I just read and talk about certain things that stood out to me the most.

For instance, I like how the first 2/3rds of the book talk about how friendship changes things and how friends become close; and then, the last third of the book was about friendship with God and how it incapsulates everything previously mentioned in greater levels.

I like how he mentions that God calls certain people throughout the Bible friends; Like Abraham and Enoch. Enoch especially trips me out because the Bible says that Enoch doesn’t even die; He and God walked so closely together that God was like “we are closer to my house than yours, so, come on in.”

There has been a weird stigma I’ve heard that to call God your friend is to put him down a step. That fear is understandable because there’s a chance someone can pervert his word and make him into something he is not. We can end up worshipping a god of our own creation then the one from the Bible. That there is a change in theology. That is something we all need to be careful not to do. But at the same time by not seeing God as a friend as well as our Lord and Savior, a king, we can miss out on real relationship with God.

For instance, I was saying before, that the last third of the book incapsulated all of the the rest of the book. An example would be how friends can help make us into who we will become; we become who we hang out with. If God is our greater Friend, then we will become more like him.

Thats just one example where friendship changes the dynamic of a relationship. Then there is a difference between friendship and servant hood. Jesus changed the dynamics of servanthood because he stepped into the realm of friendship. As a servant, you do what you are told; as a friend, you do what you are told because you want to do it. As a servant, you do things out of obligation; as a friend, you do things out of love and with joy.

The whole dynamic of friendship changes things. It brings things into a whole new light. Jesus says, “No greater love has no man than this, to die for his friends.” In a total act of love, Jesus died for us, inviting us into a friendship.

Friendship also thrives in communication; prayer and reading. We speak to God through prayer and he speaks to us through his word. It changes the attitude with which you come to him and allows you to see things in a whole other light. To conclude, there is a quote in the book I’d like to share.

You have entered into a covenant of friendship with God, make something out of it”. – Thomas Goodwin.

With that I will end this blog.

God bless.

One response to “Review: Made for Friendship”

  1. Excellent! God is a father to us and a friend but we understand that still everything else from his commands applies to us, his friendship won’t let us get away f I’m his law but we can share with him knowing that we may have consequences but first his grace and love won’t make us to feel judge just yet but instructed. We are servants because we understand is our duty but we are friends to him and become servants because we live in a bound of a loving relationship. Congrats hijo, your review is accurate.


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