Review: The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark knight Returns

This comic was made in 1986 and is set in a dystopian version of the DC Universe. Ten years after the batman retires, a new threat looms over Gotham. The Mutants, a new gang, threatens Gothams residents, destroying any sense of safety in Gotham’s streets. With Mr. Gordon now retiring and the increase in crime piercing the heart of the city, Batman can’t help be pulled in for another round as the caped crusader.

I love the cover art of the comic but unfortunately the rest is very bare bones. That being said it is a very complex story, filled with political intrigue and set within a darker world, this batman is very rough. Feeling the burden of past mistakes, and old age, Batman has to figure out how to go up against a new age of villains along with old foes.

  • Things I liked.

I really liked the story. like I said there’s a lot of in depth look at what is going on in the minds of the people in power. one faction is for the return of the Caped Crusader, another opposes the return of batman. It doesn’t really conclude with a definitive answer but brings up the question, with both sides make convincing arguments. Is Batman a force for good or does he encourage justice outside of the law?

I really liked the fact that batman is in fact old. He’s at the ripe age of 55 and his body is failing him. It doesn’t react in the way he would like and does not keep up with the forces out to get him. He needs to use every bit of ingenuity he has to fight against stronger and faster enemies.

  • Things I didn’t like.

Besides the art style, that just wasn’t my taste, I thought the story was a little too fast paced. I would’ve liked a bit more backstory from the new Robin, and why batman thought she was the perfect choice for robin. Besides that there were some things I just didn’t think worked. the stories revolving the Joker and Two-Face were a bit nonsensical. I just had some questions as to why certain people made certain decisions as well.

Overall I did enjoy the comic, though I was a bit disappointed with the artwork. the story had a few holes in it that could’ve been thought up differently but I did like the overall narrative and everything revolving batman. I’m excited to read more comics, so if there’s anyone that can help me choose some that would be great. anyways with that I will end this blog.

God bless!

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