The Marathon

26.2 miles of glorious, foot numbing, heart throbbing, pain inducing, running. It is my dream to run this distance. It is the Mount Everest of all running. The time, the effort, the blood and sweat scares the faintest of hearts from ever trying to commit to this but this is something I want to do.

In 2019, I Embarked on this journey to try to run the farthest distances I have ever run. I knew this was going to be a hard task because of the sheer amount of miles I was looking forward to in the months ahead. I wanted to start off slow. Ease myself into it. I was 195 lbs. at the time and was not in running shape at all. But this is something I wanted to challenge myself to do. So I decided to run a half marathon.

I worked for 2 months, progressively trying to increase my mileage despite how slow I was going. At the same time I was working my way to doing my first crossfit competition with a friend of mine( We got third place). I had to work my way up to a 375lb deadlift( a feat I accomplished as well) and had to train CrossFit movements for a time before the competition. Two weeks later I ran the half Marathon.

The race took place in San Jose, the city my sister is currently living in. My sister was supposed to run with me but instead she decided to do a 10k. So right off the bat I was on my own. I felt good and hit my stride an hour in. Towards the end though I was starting to feel gassed. My legs felt stiff and sore. My breathing labored. There was a mile left and I knew I couldn’t just stop right before, so I trudged on,but when trying to pass someone over I tripped on the curb and twisted my ankle. It hurt but I wanted to finish this race no matter what, so I stayed running. Turning the corner, feeling exhausted,but ever enthusiastic, I ran as hard as my tired legs could carry me crossing the finish line in 2 hours 14 minutes 30 seconds, about a ten minute mile pace.

I was ecstatic, I had just pushed my body the hardest it has ever gone but yet I felt unsatisfied knowing the real goal was around the corner. My foot I had twisted hurt for two weeks after that but I knew it would be fine as long as I took the time to rest. I decided then that I was going to compete in a real marathon the following year.

2020 came and with it the pandemic. All races were cancelled to my dismay. the gyms closed down and my running areas were now restricted. I could’ve stopped training but instead I continued to push. I wanted be in the best possible shape I could be in when the races started back up. I knew I could just be faster, be stronger, push farther, so I trained all summer. I started to feel good. I competed in some online competitions running a 21 minute 5k and 45 minute 10k. I was making progress and knowing how much I had improved made me want to train more.

October 2020, I decided to go running, a short run since I was going to do a long run the next day and didn’t want to be sore. Since I didn’t think I was going to be more than 30 minutes or so I decided to run without my phone. So off I went, running my usual short route. around the corner and up the street. I was going at a moderate pace when a wild child appeared. Worst of all, he wasn’t paying me any attention so I decided to dodge the child and go around by stepping over the side onto brick pavement. Thats when tragedy struck. A brick barely poking out of the floor hit my foot. I stumbled but I didn’t fall but on the recovery I stepped down on the side of my foot. I heard a loud snap and pop as I went down. I grabbed onto my foot on one knee. It hurt but it didn’t hurt so bad I thought. I tried to keep going but fell immediately after my first step. I looked around, the kid had gone and I was without a cell phone. I’d have to make my way home on foot. I traveled the quarter mile distance back to my house, which might as well have been 5,for all I felt.

At home, I collapsed on the floor, feeling noxious and lightheaded. My whole body tingling. My dog ran up to me barking like mad from what I could tell. My parents upset I wasn’t calming him down. As usual they didn’t think it was as bad as I was making it out to be.

Diagnosis: pressure fracture through the outer left phalange. No more running for me, at least for a little while. Four months with a boot.

May 3rd, I have decided to start my training. Despite the fracture I want to run. I have found a love for it that I can’t describe and most people think is crazy. I want to compete, I want to test my strength. I’m not the best runner, but I just like the feeling. My first run was an interval run. Five minutes on, one minute off. half way through I got the runners high. My stride lengthened my lungs expanded and I felt I could go on for a long time. It was great. Today another interval run. I expect much the same thing. There’s nothing like the sound of my feet hitting the pavement, a good audio book or podcast on in the background and the fresh air licking the sweat off of you. It’s nice. I hope to share that experience, share my running routine, weight progression and whatever else I can think of. so stay tuned! with that I will end this blog

God bless

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