Marathon Training: week 1

This week was my first week training for the marathon I plan to run sometime within the next three months or so. I am following Nick Bare’s marathon program that he has within his app. If you don’t know who Nick Bare is, he is a YouTube and owner of BPN, a supplement company that endorses athletes and veterans. He’s an insanely fit individual, he’s written a book, and recently got into the endurance sport. If you are interested in more of what he does, I highly recommend looking him up on Youtube.

His plan for this week called for three interval workouts and an easy 35 minute run. Coming back from injury, has been pretty difficult. I thought I had feet issues before but now its on a whole other issue. My left foot, the one I broke, feels tender. I’m not gonna lie, I feel anxious whenever I go running just because I don’t want to roll my foot again and get another injury. I’m definitely not going to let that slow me down. I expect my foot anxiety to go away the more I run and accumulate more miles.

This week I ran a total of 20 miles, about five and a half for my interval workout and three and a half on my slow run. For the most part my runs felt better than expected. Having a day in between to rest and left weights helped but working 7 hours on my feet the days that I ran was pretty horrible. Surprisingly, what I’m sore from the most is my leg day. It didn’t hit me until my easy 35 minute workout but if you have ever tried running in sore legs, its not the most comfortable thing ever.

I think next week is basically the same routine. I haven’t really gotten a good look at it but I think that it should look the same, besides the easy run. Something I have to do better is running slower. According to my watch, my average heart rate is in the 160’s which is not ideal especially because my goal is to keep it in-between the 140’s and 150’s. I also need to invest in a good heart rate monitor to accurately get what my heart rate is at while I’m running. I was looking at a Garmin one on amazon and it comes out to about $70. Which isn’t too bad but I need to start working more. The reason for the heart rate monitor is to avoid overworking myself and the wrist heart monitor is not the most accurate.

My diet has been okay except for the weekend. Being my friends graduation dinner and Mother’s Day, the food has been good but not so good for me. I usually do good on the weekdays but kinda binge on the weekends. I found that at 170 my runs were feeling more smooth. right now sitting at 187 it has been pretty hard. My goal weight would be around 160. Generally speaking this would be my ideal weight.

Other than that it’s been a good run week. Four runs and two strength workouts worked out well. Hopefully I can keep going at this pace. The next two weeks will be kinda hard since I have finals though so we will see.

With that I will end the blog, God bless!

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