Comic Review: Batman- The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween

There is a murderer on the loose, killing off the heads of the house of Falconi. Batman, Jim Gordon, and Harvey Dent are on the case. The only clue? The murders are committed on holidays.

This comic is a more modern take on batman in his earlier days as a crime fighter. An assortment of villains come out in this one and I’m all for it. Instead of the more psychological thriller that was, the dark knight returns, this one is more a murder mystery and I love it. I’m going to take some elements of the comic and give my opinion then I will end with my overall impressions.

  • Art

The artwork in this comic is very simplistic but is still great to behold. Every panel on the comic is filled with dark and muted tones giving off a very mysterious vibe to it. It creates a very somber mood. Along with that, the scenes of the murders are colored in black and white. Its noir aesthetic giving it an authentic detective mystery feel. The artist also played with silhouettes, making the backgrounds one solid color and using black to hide faces and details that would otherwise give away too much detail.

  • Story

This story, like I said, plays as a murder mystery. Theres been a murder in the night of halloween and it continues on for a whole year as the holidays pass. Slowly more and more details of the mystery unveil itself implicating a single person. Batman’s faith in the people he thought he could trust is shaken. The case starts to wear on the three men and their personal lives, testing their grit and their willingness to abide by the law and the promise they have kept to themselves. It’s truly a fascinating story. The ending was a huge twist. I didn’t even see it coming.

  • Final Impressions

I chose to read this comic because I saw that they made a movie of this story. Part one is already out and part two is on the way, So I’m excited to see it. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised how good this story was. There were panels in this comic that I stopped to admire because I thought it looked pretty good. I’m saying this after reading the Dark knight returns which was an older comic. The artwork is like night and day between these two. I also thought I knew how the story was going to play out after the first few chapters but then all of sudden there was a twist and I thought I could see how it made sense but I was kind of stretching it. I was about to go on here and say that I wish they would’ve foreshadowed things a lot more clearly but then there was another twist and that was the one that got me good. I had to sit there and think about it and after a few minutes of pondering, I came to the conclusion that it was so much more satisfying an ending than what I originally thought it was going to be.

I highly recommend this comic to anyone wanting to get into Batman or comics in general. I’m hoping to read a lot more and the future and share some more of my thoughts on it without giving away too much info. Anyways hope you enjoyed this review and with that I will end this blog. God bless.

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