Comic Review: Invincible Compendium Volume 1


This is a story of a young teenager by the name of Mark Grayson becoming a superhero but there is a subtle more devious twist to it all that makes reading this comic oh so compelling. This comic clearly takes inspiration from both DC and Marvel but does not seem to tread the same grounds as any. If It does it is mostly subtle nods to other creators.

Robert Kirkman the creator of this comic book also wrote and produced another comic which is known for its live action series called the Walking dead. If you like the walking dead there’s a good probability you will like this one as well. so like other reviews I will divide the elements and give my final thoughts on the comic.

  • Art Design

As far as the art goes, it comes out to be one of the top tier comics that I have read so far. Even compared to the latest Batman series I read. It really comes off like a Saturday morning cartoon series but better quality and attentions to detail. It really looks like a passion product. The only time it changes art style is obviously to make a statement or give a subtle wink to the audience its playing to.

  • Humor

What I was most pleasantly surprised with was the subtle humor. This comic has both moments of respite and darkness that I think is handled well throughout the story. The creators knew when they could throw in a fourth wall break, or a subtle wink that made the story much more humorous for all of its heartbreaking or darker moments. I especially liked the subtle moments where it would purposely tease at other superheroes.

  • Plot

The best part of this story is the characters. This is character driven story absolutely. Mark is the main character of course but much of his story has to do with his father, managing life while also learning to become a superhero and facing insurmountable odds. The relationships he develops and the interactions with both hero and villains become the heart of the story. The story expands into a much more complicated web of interactions, culminating in a much larger and broader scale than what was previously assumed. Yet, despite the rising stakes it’s incredible to see that the most valuable part of the story always hits home.

  • Final Thoughts

If you are looking into a comic book story to really sink your teeth into, this one would be it. I never thought I would get into this comic as much as I did. I would love to talk spoilers but I don’t want to give away so much that it would take away the enjoyment of reading it yourself.

This comic was also made into a tv show that I also enjoyed but not nearly as much as I did the comic. The tv show took a lot of liberty in changing a few characters and adding extra details that, I feel, were unnecessary because it’s good on its own.

This being a compendium means that the comic held up to 45 chapters of the story and yet despite the thousand pages it went by so quickly. That is to say how good this story was and how much I enjoyed reading it. What makes me excited is reading more with three other compendiums out waiting to be read. With that I will end the blog. God bless!

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