Marathon Training: Week 3

I’m writing this pretty late- I’m already half way through week 4- but I wanted to talk about something I’m working on this week and probably the next couple weeks following.

I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted in my runs as of late and I thought at first it was because I wasn’t eating enough but now i’m thinking its because im pushing myself too hard. When I was running before I could run at an 8:30 mile pace with a heart rate of about 150-160 but ever since I got back into running my perceived rate of exertion is at about a 7-9 running at even slower paces with my heart rate spiking into the 170’s even 180’s.

I have not been listening to my body during my runs and I feel like its finally caught up with me. But no more! This week has been different. I’ve been running at a 11:30- 12 minute pace and I feel much better. more recovered than I have been in previous weeks.

The hardest part about running is running slow. I want to run faster so I don’t have to be running longer but at the expense of my recovery. but I need to remember that I need to train my heart endurance. There’s a time for speed workouts which is necessary to get faster but long runs are suppose to help me mentally and physically prepare for greater exertion in the long term.

In order to go faster I need to train slower. most of my workouts right now are suppose to be at an easy pace. Thats simply because i’m suppose to be building up my endurance. Endurance is built through long sustained efforts that mentally can be draining but physically is manageable. I can easily say im enjoying the runs more because they aren’t as hard as the weeks prior. I just got to trust in the process of training. My body adapts slowly to training unfortunately but I know I can get back to the shape that I was in before. last week I stayed at 185 and ran at a 10 minute mile pace. this week is shaping out to be different. we’ll see the results. With that I will end the blog. God bless! Keep training!

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