Reading List :Month of June

this month is a bit of a catch up month. Last month I chose to give myself a break in regular books and instead read some comics which I have been enjoying a ton! I think comic books are starting to become one of my favorite things to read right now. Either way there are so many books to read and so little time!

Just like last month I want to get back into reading the We Were the Lucky Ones. Ive been enjoying reading it so far and I’m about a quarter of the way through it. It does a lot of skipping between characters and catching up with all the members of the family we are presiding over. I’m still amazed and in awe of the way people survived during one of the worst periods in history. I also think I’m able to see it as a triumph of the human spirit to not be crushed under something so horrendous.

As for the Return of the King, I’ve made little progress in that book because the writing is so small and ive been catching up with the other book Great Expectations. I’m liking great expectations for the most part but I do find it a bit of a drag to read! The plot is dragging a bit too much for my liking especially because I think it focuses on people I don’t really like in the book at times. Either way I’m determined to finish this book. Im sure it will come around at the end.

As for comic books, I’m preparing to write a whole review on The Walking Dead comic books once I finish the final compendium and the same thing with Invincible. I already have a small review on that on my page if you want to get my first thoughts on the first compendium. I’m really enjoying these long running series and am kind of glad I could binge it instead of having to wait for all the issues to come out individually. I highly recommend reading Invincible. Its needless to say that I’m a little obsessed with that one as of late.

I’m sure ill finish a few of these books this month. I really want to start a few more that I got in TBR list so I’m going to trudge on. And with that ill end the blog. I hope you enjoyed it! God bless!

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