Marathon Training Week 5

Week five of training brought with it the first fast workout followed by more mileage. My first fast workout came out to be a 2- mile warm-up, followed by 2×400 meter run rest 2 minutes between sets and then 2×800 rest 2 minutes between sets and then a 2 mile cool down.

Right now I am taking an exercise physiology class and I am learning a lot. one of the things that I’ve learned is how important a warm-up is. A warm-up to me before was just that first mile. It’s about 10 minutes long and is usually the hardest mile for me. The reason why we need to warm up is because of how our energy systems work. to put it simply our body has three different systems and just like a car changing gears, the body does that as well. Depending on the specific event you are working on you have to train different energy systems.

For long distance runners, the last energy system is the most important because that is the oxidative energy system which converts oxygen to energy. This system also is important in converting fat and carbohydrates into energy. so that’s why they say cardio is the best way to lose fat because if you are doing cardio consistently for 20-30 minutes, that’s time spent burning fat and carbs.

Also I learned, the reason you want to be eating a balanced diet is because your body uses electrolytes. Electrolytes are really important in maintaining muscle contraction. so if you get a cramp it can be because you don’t have enough electrolytes.

What are electrolytes? potassium, sodium, calcium, and water. there is another one but that one is made inside the body. Another reason why you need these electrolytes is because if you don’t have enough when working out it starts taking it from other places in your body. calcium is found in the bone. so as you might assume calcium will be pulled from the bones to give you energy but that leads to bad bones! so you need to be intaking a good amount of calcium for your workouts.

So as a result of learning all these things I am looking for foods for fueling my runs and I feel the difference. my 6 mile run felt great. even my 8 mile run felt good despite having just run 6 miles the day before. The more you learn about your body the better you train and the better you feel! hope that helped some one out! keep training and God bless

4 responses to “Marathon Training Week 5”

  1. I never understand fuelling for runs of 6 or 8 miles. If you start with a full tank of glycogen (about 1800 cals of it?) and use about 100 cals per mile, fuelling in advance seems unnecessary for many more miles than that. What am I missing?


    • You’re not only fueling for your run your also fueling for your basic functions like digestion and basic metabolic activity. Most people can get by with 1800 calories without much physical activity. When you fuel for runs you are adding more calories than what is needed to store as glycogen in the muscles and liver so that you can pull from that later on. When you enter aerobic type workout you are converting those carbs and fat stores Into energy. So you are fueling for both metabolic and for physical activity. That’s why athletes have diets of upward to 3000 calories in order to keep up their performance. Eating adequately also helps with recovery which is coming out to be the most important part to increasing performance.

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