Comic Review: Invincible Series

I was watching something on Amazon Prime a while back, when a trailer for Invincible came up and it looked pretty interesting. In the trailer it said that it was based on a comic book series by Robert Kirkman the creator of the walking dead and I was even more interested.

Then, A couple weeks later I was talking to a co-worker about the walking dead and he starts talking about the same series I had seen the trailer to. It was on it’s fourth week so my friend and I decided to watch it. And straight from the first episode I was hooked. I binged the first four episodes and would be excited to get home on Friday, just to watch the next episode of Invincible. That drove me to later read the comics and now here I am.

  • Characters

The characters are the driving force of the comic. Its a relationship focused series just like the walking dead, but of course dealing with superheroes. Mark’s struggle to become a hero while balancing his social life is not a trope that is used to garner weakly written drama.It’s used as a primer to the actual conflicts that arise that become greater in scope. It’s actually purposeful. There’s a weight in all his decisions and the decisions of others, and consequences that have long lasting affects that last throughout the comic.

Something that happens early on, between him and his father becomes a catalyst for many other events in the future. Mark no longer has the feel of a small scale super hero but one of substantial significance. He matures pretty quickly(well at least for me since I was able to read undeterred) as he realizes the superhero world isn’t what he imagined it would be. The lines between being a hero and a villain are blurred and boundaries are pushed and stretched. Until he inevitable comes to the conclusion that there’s more to life than being a hero.

There is a wide range of characters all with their own distinctive charm. Their backstories all range from the obscure to heart-breaking but for the most part the story revolves around Mark’s family, the government agencies and the guardians of the globe that make their appearance often.

  • Plot

What amazes me about the plot is that everything hinges on the decisions Mark makes. Each decision comes with its consequences. One thing affects another and so goes the circle. By the end you feel the same paranoia and fear that he feels because the threat is palpable. the enemies are unpredictable and come in unrelenting waves. He barely has time to take it all In at times before he faces the next foe. Realistically that’s how life is sometimes. When it rains it pours.

When the characters do have time to rest you feel it too. The plot unfolds as things go from simple to complicated. The scope of the conflict expands from earth to beyond the outer reaches of space. The threats become mundane to extraordinary. With how expansive the universe became there were some plot threads that ended rather abruptly or not at all. it wasn’t bad so to speak because they were rather divergent plots but the ending did leave you with some questions as to what might have happened. Needless to say despite potential for more stories the relationships were what grounded the story. The plot didn’t much matter because it was the characters themselves that you were invested in the most.

The romance in the story is a long lasting relationship that develops and changes throughout the entire comic. It’s one of those relationships you root for as the story goes on, even when they hit their speed bumps along the way.

  • Overall Thoughts

At the end of it all, I was sad that it was coming to end. I came to love the characters and wanted to dive deeper into the world thought how much deeper there was to go was an entirely different matter. The end was satisfactory but its one of those stories where you feel bitter-sweet. On one end you want to see more, in the other end you want the hardships for the main character to end. As you can tell this was a great series for me and I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who is interested. Mark was a great superhero to follow with or without one or a few missteps. I hope you enjoyed this blog and God bless!

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