Spiritual Nourishment

Being completely transparen,t I have not done a good job of being consistent in the word of God. I realize now, as I have been struggling more spiritually, that I need to make time to set my priorities straight. I have decided to make my blog a place to write notes and put them down for my own growth. I want a place to track my growth spiritually speaking and to be kept accountable. I realize this is the perfect place. So every day I will write notes on a draft and then at the end of the week I will save my notes in a post. Basically to go along with every week.

I had a conversation with a friend, the other day that really had me thinking about what I do with my time. My friend is a master at time management and I have always struggled to tell time haha. I find that I waste too much time on things that don’t matter as much. My time can be spent growing or staying complacent. What they were talking about dealt more with things of this world but the same thing applies spiritually speaking.

I want to be seeking God intentionally, I want to see the fruit of the spirit come alive in my life, the promises I read to come into play. None of that will happen if I am not being consistent, just like you won’t see results physically speaking if you’re not being consistent. Basically I don’t want to be complacent.

I was talking to my friend about relationships as well and something that was said really had me thinking. At a certain point in relationships we can become complacent. It’s easy to get into a routine and hit autopilot. It’s easy to stop pressing into the relationship and hit cruise control. I feel that can be said with the life of a christian. We sometimes can be so comfortable in our own world that we forget that Paul says, ” I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Let those of us who are mature think this way..”

Paul was used by God because of his constant pressing, not because that made him any more saved but because that brought him ever more closer to God. If you love someone you keep pressing on, not because that will get them to love you more but because you love them.

By writing and putting down my notes every day I believe this will help me know the will of God for my life. It will help me put words into actions and challenge me to grow spiritually. Who knows what will happen when the word of God comes alive in my life. Im just eager to see the results. I hope this helps someone who is struggling, like me, to press on and push them to grow and seek more. Thanks for reading, God bless!

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