Book Review: Later by Stephan King

Jamie is not an ordinary kid. As far as he can remember he can see the dead right after their death. He doesn’t know why he can see them, he just can and unfortunately that brings a lot of trouble to him.

I have endeavored to read more scary stories though I would hardly consider this one as scary. Stephan King has been one of those authors that has made countless stories that has been adapted to different forms of media. I’ve always been kind of interested in the stories because I’ve heard so much about this author, it was inevitable that I would end up giving his books a try.

This story about a kid who can see the ghosts of people recently passed is interesting. Set in first person past tense makes it that much more interesting because it is in the perspective of the kid now older being able to understand what happened as he retells the story of his youth.

This is a very condensed story. What I mean is that it mainly deals with a handful of characters and their interactions as he is growing up. All the other accompanying details are whizzed through. Basically, He gives us the highlights of everything that pertains to the story he has to tell.

For the most part I enjoyed the story, it’s relatively short, there is a bit of suspense interspersed throughout, not much horror type things that go on except for one part where it actually made my skin crawl, but it was really engaging.

One of the main reasons I stuck with it is because of the interplay between the ghosts and Jamie. Jamie keeps his distance from the ghost except for when he has to deal with them. Because of certain circumstances he is forced to interact with them and ask them questions and this leads him to a lot of trouble and for a kid he deals with them as best as he could.

Overall I thought the book was a spooky and an interesting read. It wasn’t mind blowing but it did keep me wanting to know more. Jamie was a good protagonist and I’m surprised with how well it was written to make him feel like he was a kid. It took the idea from the movie “the Sixth Sense” and made something of its own. At the end of it all there were still some questions I wanted answered and I don’t think I would’ve minded seeing more of how Jamie could’ve used the power he was given especially as a detective. They even brought up the idea in a conversation but unfortunately nothing much comes from it. And with that I will end this blog. God bless!

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