Marathon training: Week Eight

This week was a de-load week. It honestly was a much-needed rest for what the second half of my training will entail. The mileage will be brought up and the intervals will be harder and faster than before. I’m excited about that. I hope to do well and stay injury-free throughout this process.

I don’t have much knowledge yet about the science behind de-loading but from what I’ve been told its much like tapering before a race. For example, when athletes train for the season they often train in order to make their last run their fastest run. in order to do that they need to taper which means to decrease the volume and intensity in order to reach maximum glycogen storage and come out the freshest you can during the race.

I’m sure there is much more science behind it and I hope to learn more about that when I get further into my career and degree but for now I de-loading is kept simple. To allow the body to build itself back up and be ready for the next level of training.

Im excited to see how much more I can improve in these next couple weeks and I hope to keep you all up to date on this journey.

I just realized I never really shared my long term goals in training. If I did I’m sure I quickly went through it without so much as a second thought. My long term goal is to run the Boston marathon in order to do that I believe the qualifying time is under a three hour marathon which is right under a 6 minute and 50 second mile pace. To be honest it seems like a daunting task knowing how much more I have to go but I want to push my body as far as it can go, literally. After that I’m thinking of doing other events like triathlons and ironman events. We’ll see where it goes! My greatest aspiration would be to be competitive in something. if not I think it would be nice to be able to see the times I post go down slowly but surely.

This post was a short one because there wasn’t much to talk about considering the runs were pretty short and were at an easy pace. Four runs total 3 miles each. I hope to share some more next week. Thanks for reading! With that I will end this blog, God bless. Keep training!

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