Marathon Training: Week 9

This week’s training was pretty difficult. With high temperatures and vacation time it’s come with it’s own set of challenges.

This week was the first week after deload. I had 3 easy runs of 6,7, and 11 miles and then a 1 mile warm-up followed by a 4 mile interval at a with 2 minute rest in between then a mile cool-down.

That first 7 miler back after that deload was hard. It took a while but not just because it was my first longer run back but because it was so hot. I felt myself overheating with every step. My feet were burning from running on the sidewalk. It was my own fault though. I was not willing to get up early and beat the heat so I ended up running in 80-90 degree temperatures.

The same thing can be said for my interval run of six miles. That one got hard because I could feel myself overheating. I woke up earlier for that run but it was not enough to beat the rising heat.

My last two runs of the week were both done while on vacation. We came up to visit my sister for the weekend in San Jose and so my runs had to be improvised. Luckily the hotel we rented had a gym and treadmill to run on so I was able to run that first 6 mile run on it.

For my 11 miles run my sister wanted to go on a hike. So I thought it would be good to run the hike. Unfortunately it was switched up last minute and I had a little less than an hour to run a trail around a lake. It was a great view and perfect temperature to run in. San Jose is about 10 degrees lower than where I live so i felt strong running towards the end. Unfortunately I was only able to get 5 miles in before we had to leave. So since I was going to be dropped off of the hotel I ran the rest of the six miles on the treadmill. Needless to say I was exhausted but I was happy to have gotten in all the training that was planned for this week.

One of the keys to running especially during vacation is determining it in yourself to run. I could’ve just said, forget about it, I’m on vacation. But i didn’t and instead woke up determined to get these miles in no matter what.

Not making it an option is the key to training whether you feel like it or not. Anyways, grateful for you to have read this, keep striving to get better one day at a time. Thanks. God bless!

2 responses to “Marathon Training: Week 9”

  1. Excellent job. Totally agree about having to own up to the responsibility you put on yourself. It’s what is going to pay off in your goal event. Great work on getting after it.

    I know what you mean about the heat as well. I’ve failed to get up in the morning where I live in Thailand and have paid for it with extreme heat. It’s never fun, but ya gotta get it done.

    What do you find helps you keep your motivation when you find it getting low? Always look for ways to combat this.

    Thanks and great post,


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    • I think, making goals helps motivate me to pushing when I don’t want to. The hardest part of training is getting started but once you do it’s all about seeing it through. My bigger goal is to run a marathon but my goals in training are to see improved Vo2 efficiency and see my mile times improve while keeping a lower heart rate. Knowing that it takes about 8 months of consistency to really see cardiovascular improvements I’m setting my mind on the prize of seeing the results of training. I also have smaller goals, like improving my mile time, 5k, 10k. Since my runs are geared to building an aerobic base I’m sure the speed of my workouts will improve as I improve aerobically.

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