Marathon Training: Week 10

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This weeks training was pretty hard. The constant heat and higher humidity has not made running as enjoyable as it could be. The worst run of this week was an easy 6 which turned into a painful 5. The thing was that I think I pushed myself too hard on my fast run. this weeks fast run was a 2 mile warm up followed by 2×400 meter run followed by 2×800 meter run followed by another 2×400 meter run with a 2 mile cool-down. It was fast run I felt good, if not a little beat up and I ran the fastest I have all training which was a 6:10 pace. But I think I ran too fast for my legs to handle. The next day I noticed my shins hurting but I thought it wasn’t as bad as it it could’ve been. That clearly was not the right approach to take. I should’ve taken better care of my recovery and instead I ran two days later.

My shins were hurting! after about three miles I could not will myself through any more and instead chose to walk the next 2 miles home. The next day I made sure to eat right take a nice cold shower and massage my legs out. that helped me out a lot more than expected because two days later I was out to run my seven mile run. I expected my shins to start hurting again but instead I came out of that run pain free, relatively speaking. The heat was still an issue so I chose to run the next morning at 6 to beat the heat.

Sunday’s run was a 12 mile run. I was still a little worried about the condition of my legs but I made sure to stretch out and massage my legs the night prior. IT WORKS. I’m not going to take stretching and massaging for granted ever again! For that reason I bought myself a massage gun and intend to use it every day. As for the run, it went relatively well, up until 9 miles in when I ran out of water. the last two miles were the toughest but I got through it. Now I just need to make sure to prepare better for the next long run. My heart rate stayed at around a 140-150 range according to my watch( which again is not the most accurate), but that is a significant difference knowing that I was running a minute faster than before and at a lower heart rate than a few weeks ago.

Overall I would say this week was met with its own challenges to push myself through and it took some planning to work through. So I feel pretty accomplished. I’m also starting my nutrition class this week so that should help pinpoint my weaknesses in nutrition and help me improve. To reiterate once again recovery is really important when it comes to training and wanting to make any significant changes on how you feel. I’m really excited for the things that I have in store for the next couple weeks. This weekend I am heading to Seattle with my sisters so we will see how training goes. I’m just excited to get into the meat of training and pushing myself further than I have ever gone before. Any ways thank you for reading. God bless!

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