Marathon Training: Week 12

This week was a de-load week. Which meant low mileage and recovery work. Because of that, I decided to work on muscle imbalances, I worked on my core, did some strength training for my legs and upper body and threw in a few HIIT workouts to test out my endurance in strength and I am pleased to say that my strength numbers have actually gone up. Though the bar was low since I broke my foot and most of my strength was gone from my legs it was satisfying to see the weight I was able to push being more than I previously thought it would.

I was having problems with my hip for the past couple weeks which I initially thought was due to the added mileage per week. This week when I ran it was only a 3 mile run but the same issue occurred and on further inspection I realized that it was most likely my form. When you run you need to have a straight posture leaning forward. The issue with this cue is that even though I thought I was leaning forward my posture isn’t aligned. As a result I’m running with my upper body tilted forward but my hips sitting back which is causing an awkward angle. This week im going to practice some drills in order to correct that and hopefully that will solve that issue. I think that also means I need to work on my core muscles in order to keep an upright posture.

This past week wasn’t all that crazy compared to the previous weeks but I have to look at all the training and realize that it was a good week. I’m healthy, I’m not injured, I’m eating more than before due to the increase in mileage and with my class for nutrition for peak performance, im learning a lot about what I should feed myself. It’s been a good week. Thank you for reading and God bless! till next week!

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