Book Review: The Terminal List

Military action, government conspiracy, and spy thrillers have always been some of my favorite genres to read or Watch. Movies like the Bourne series, Saving Private Ryan, and The Lone Survivor are some of my favorite movies, all because military men and women seem to be the toughest people out there. They go through some of the toughest physical and mental training imaginable, all to go out there and protect and serve. I will always respect those who fought for their country.

Interestingly I was introduced to the terminal list by Chris Pratt, on his instagram. I think he’s a really good actor and he recently worked on a series(That has yet to come out) based off this exact book. This book heavily leans in on the military aspect, governmental conspiracy and revenge plot. James Reece is a tough as nails military man devoted to serving his country, but when his last mission goes awry and many of his men die, he starts questioning the motives and reasoning for the mission. Things don’t add up and he is going to get to the bottom of it.

This book was pretty predictable, As you expect of most stories in the vain of conspiracy and revenge, the protagonist goes down the rabbit whole of moral decisions and foregoes them to see his friends avenged. That being said, the choices in perspective were really interesting. The writer chose to put us in the shoes of James Reece’s targets and experience what they experienced up until their interaction with Reece. This made the protagonist kind of feel like Batman in a sense. Of course we would follow him through the informational stages of piecing together all the little bread crumbs left by the conspirators.

This book was really enjoyable, though not mind-blowing, or game changing. It did leave room for more in the next entries which I’m sure is the meat of what the author is cooking up. if you are one to enjoy government conspiracies and military action thrillers this is definitely a series to look out for. There is a lot of potential for the series to become more. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, God bless!

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