Book Review: Casino Royale

The more recent bond films have been some of my favorite movies to date because of the high stakes action and suave machismo that is James Bond. While the old films were a bit more campy and light hearted the recent films have taken a a more serious turn and have focused a bit more on the character of James Bond which is exactly what the book does.

The most surprising part of this book is how it really highlights his strengths and weaknesses. He’s a proud individual and for much of the book it’s his arrogance that gets him into trouble more than anything else. He walks around with confidence and pride, but you know what they say, “pride comes before the fall.” he falls and falls hard. His own undoing was the fact that he thought himself higher than those around them. But I like that the book addresses that issue. He’s a deeply flawed character though he is highly intelligent and forward thinking.

The movie named after this book is in fact a pretty accurate portrayal of the book. The only difference would be the high action set pieces but even still getting into the mind of Mr. Bond is really interesting and captivated my attention throughout. I’m excited to read more about James Bond 007 and the fact that the films take direct inspiration, and I already like the films, bodes well for how I’ll like the books. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it! God bless.

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