Book Review: Artemis

Andy Weir is the same author that wrote both the Martian and Project Hail Mary, which are both books I like very much. This story takes place on a moon base called Artemis and follows a girl through her struggles to survive on her own in a harsh environment.

At first, the book opens up pretty interestingly. A lunar city all under continual construction and growth with a booming tourist economy. The main character seems flawed as most characters are but as we get going I can’t help but feel like things were underutilized. I think in the effort to include so many things into this story the characters end up being really shallow.

The most interesting part was of course the way he would explain all the jargon that made up how they could live in such an environment. I wish there would’ve been more of that.

Turns out though, that everything is corrupted. The main character is not some good person, she is more of a reluctant hero. She’s crude, brash, and selfish. She’s also highly intelligent making it so she can work her way through most of the situations that come up. The world she lives in is ruled by a bunch of conniving, smarmy individuals. The book makes it seem like everybody there wants to scheme there way to more money. There was not a person I can remember that wasn’t motivated by money.

Overall I was not too impressed with this story. It tried to include a lot without actually doing much with it. It fell flat when I needed to care for the plight of the main character. It felt uninhabited when there was a city of people working together to make things run. It was not my cup of tea. Anyways, thanks for reading! God bless!

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