Marathon Jitters

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Alright, IT’S OFFICIAL!! everything is set and done! I bought my place into the marathon. I got the hotel I’m staying at, now its just counting down the hours and the seconds to the marathon. I’m so nervous! This is big. Ive trained for 4 months to get to where I’m at and I hope I’ve done everything in my power to prepare for the day. My biggest fear is getting injured now that everything is set and done. It would be a repeat of what happened just about a year ago. I pray that I stay healthy and ready for the race. I CAN’T BELIEVE I WILL BE RUNNING MY FIRST EVER MARATHON!

Just to let you know, I signed up for the Surf City marathon in Huntington Beach happening from the 10-11th. Im really excited for the vibe and the feel for the marathon and can’t wait to get there and hang out with some fellow runners. I really hope they do what they did in the half marathon I ran in 2019. they had pacers set up to run with so that way you can go for your goals. Unfortunately I came late and set out in the back of the pack so I could not run with those who would set the pace for me. I’m hoping to aim for just about 4 hours for the run. That comes out to about a 8:50 per mile pace. That’s kinda high for what I’ve been feeling in practice. That half marathon was run at about a 10:14 pace the last time I ran. I think I can beat that this time. I feel stronger than the first time and I feel like I can run at about a 9:30 pace pretty easily. But it is a race so I will test out my fitness and go for broke!

It all feels surreal. I can’t believe all this time has passed and I’m slowly getting closer and closer to my goal. I really hope this goes well. Pray for me in this endeavor. My nerves always tend to build up in me. If it’s anything like the nerves I felt for my 18 miler two weeks ago I will definitely be up all night worrying about all the things that can go wrong. Ive done all I can and I should put all the rest that I can on the lord. Anyways, thanks for reading! God bless.

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