Marathon Training: Week 16

This week the mileage was toned down to start tapering for the marathon. No more speed workouts. Those were the hardest runs. The best part of this week was running 3 days in a row with little to no pain. The only pain being muscle soreness but that’s to be expected now. Since working on running with light feet, I have found my stride opening up a little more, my cadence naturally increasing, and my heart rate remain lower as my pace increases.

I’m starting to feel a bit more confident about my race plans. The only thing I want to work on is my strength in my calves. My calves are the ones that tend to absorb the brunt of the forces while running which has caused them to get pretty sore and tight. in order to avoid that I need to make them a little stronger. With about 2 weeks to go I will be focusing on strengthening my legs and preparing for the long run.

It’s crazy to me that I just started this journey and blog spot in order to keep myself accountable to stick to my training and it has kind of become a place to think about the week and focus on the things that need work on. I’m also starting to think about my future plans in running. I will definitely take some time to recoup and recover after the race but I not too much time. I want to run a half marathon in San Jose which was the first half marathon I ever ran. I was extremely proud of that accomplishment but now I want to run the race again and see how much I have improved.

As for plans in 2022, I want to run another marathon and see if it’s possible to qualify for Boston. It’s a bit of a stretch but that will be the goal for now. I will take some time this year to lose some weight and fix up parts of my training and dieting to get better at running. I’m excited, to say the least. I am also thankful for the opportunity I have to do what I enjoy.

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