A Week With My Family

Family is extremely important, I think I, more often than not, take advantage of the fact that I have loving parents and sisters who I feel close to. The thing is that I didn’t really know much of my extended family. My family is from El Salvador and since my parents were basically the only ones who moved to the U.S. I didn’t really get to know them well when I was a kid.

When I was a kid, we went to El Salvador to visit my family once and I thought that was pretty fun but I hardly remember that time. Over the years a few of my cousins and Uncles came to visit and since we were all different stages of our lives I didn’t really connect as much as I know I should’ve. When I heard my family was coming over for my sisters wedding, to be completely honest, I felt neutral about it, I was more worried about the space more than anything.

It’s been a few weeks since my family left now and I can honestly say that I miss them. I remember growing up and talking to some friends who were close to their extended family and I thought that was foreign to me. I couldn’t relate at all. Now, despite the little amount of time I spent with them, I immediately felt an attachment to them and I understand what my friends were talking about.

My Uncle passed away last year pretty suddenly and it hit my family pretty hard. My mom’s brother, was so kind and generous and I’m sad to say that I feel like I didn’t get a real chance to get to know him, though he spent a few months with us. His son came over for my sister’s wedding and it was then I really felt the impact of all that happened.

My cousin is almost exactly like his dad and it brought back memories of the time he did spend here and I realized man this is my family. They came and were so kind and talked to me as if it had only been a week since we last saw each other. That floored me. It was so easy to talk to them. Plus they are most gentlemanly men I have ever known. Just from the week of them being here I feel like I’ve tried to up my game. I want to be like them.

I want them to come back as soon as possible now and I want to take them out to enjoy themselves. To some who are reading this it might seem like I’m ranting about nothing really, but to me this meant a lot to have them here. I’m looking forward to when they do come back. And I had said before that I hadn’t wanted to go to El Salvador, but now I really do think I would go back. For a long time I didn’t really feel like I had a family but I realize now that I do! Anyways thanks for reading this! I hope you can experience family the way I did, God bless!

One response to “A Week With My Family”

  1. I experienced something like that but from my perspective as parent, this one week you guys experienced what I always wanted for you guys to live, what it means to have family and enjoy together their company with that spontaneous love that it grew in such as small time frame. I saw it and I cried quietly off happiness. I always wanted you to understand this so you all together can do better than what we did. I’m thankful to God for this time we had all together and we buoyed Lisa’s wedding.

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