Book Review: Star Wars: Master and Apprentice

I’m going to gush a little bit on this book for a bit. I hope you don’t mind. This book was by far my favorite Star Wars book. This book was written by Claudia gray who also wrote another favorite of mine called Lost Stars. She just has this certain voice for Star Wars that I really engage with and I think if you want to jump into Star Wars books you should start with either of those two because they are so good.

Anyways, I have to start off by saying that I didn’t actually read this book, I listened to it on audible. I have to say that they went all out on this book. They borrowed both music and sound from the movies to heighten the experience, and heighten it, it did. The way the music swelled in the perfect moments in the story made me get goosebumps. Don’t even get me started with the person who voiced the production. He made every character sound unique and added a sense of personality to everyone. He even matched the voices to the movie. it seemed like the actual actors came in to voice this book but surprisingly it was only him. This is actually the second time listening to this book and I have to say I enjoyed it more the second time around. I highly recommend to listen to this book through any media. you will not regret it.

Okay other than that the story was really interesting. This story follows Qui Gon Jin and Obi-wan Kenobi In their earlier days of their apprentice ship. the beginning does an amazing job at letting us know what their relationship is like and the struggles they are both dealing with. Obi-wan feeling inadequate and Qui Gon feeling as if he is letting his Padawan down. They each have something they are dealing with internally that seems to make their relationship rocky. then as if to hit the nail in the head, something happens that causes their rocky relationship to go over the edge. Qui Gon has to make a big decision but that will most likely affect his Padawan but he doesn’t want that. They are sent out on a mission to represent the council over the signing of a treaty which turns out to be a little more complicated than they first thought. This tests and questions everything they know either pushing them over the edge entirely or molding them back together again. What follows is a deep character rich story that deals with so much but is all handled quite well. I was riveted by the story all throughout and am happy to say that I hope there will be a sequel to this book out there someday. I highly highly recommend this book.


Even though I think you should read this book before you even think about reading any spoilers, for those select few who just want to know what’s up, here you go. Basically the book starts out with Qui Gon and Obi-wan out on a mission together dealing with the huts. The huts were dealing with something they shouldn’t have and they were sent to try to stop them. the mission goes south very quickly and as they are trying to escape Obi-wan misinterprets something Qui Gon says which leads to his capture. Then, Qui Gons only way to fix the situation is to apply some underhanded tactics, tactics that are not becoming of a Jedi. This is where Qui Gon and Obi-wan differ. Qui Gon is very liberal when it comes to the ways of a Jedi. He often goes with the flow when it comes to problems such as this and Obi-wan believes that the Jedi should follow the law by the T or else that can lead to a path down the dark side. This theme is often repeated throughout the story when certain things arise which really come to make you ask questions about whether the force is as rigid as the Jedi council make it or is the force allow for deviation and freedom of expression.

So already coming out of the mission Obi-wan feels like he failed his master and Qui Gon feels like he failed his student. Then what makes matters worse is when they get back to the jedi council to report their mission instead of being reprimanded as he thought he would, Qui Gon instead gets invited to become a member of the council because of the way he sees things. If he does that obi-wan will then be handed off to another master to continue his training. The book makes a note of how conflicted he feels about this. He decides to think on it while they yet again receive another mission to become representatives to a planet that is yet to become part of the republic. On the way there another master lets it slip in front of obi-wan about his invitation and Obi-wan is understandably hurt by this. So this mission doesn’t just become another mission but THE LAST mission they think they will probably work together, further bringing a wedge between them. I really like the conflict proposed within this situation because it reveals both characters flaws and insecurities and really makes you invested in how things will play out.

Meanwhile, on the planet they will arrive at, we meet two separate perspectives, two jewel thieves and Jedi master who has been charge of looking over the proceedings on the planet which is an old friend of Qui Gon’s. they used to be under the same master at a point. they both have prominent roles in the story. and each feed into the idea that Qui Gon doesn’t strictly play by the rules. First off, Qui Gon had a real interest in prophesies ever since he was an apprentice before and even more so now because once he gets there he starts having visions of events to come. Prophecies have always been a bit of a niche among the Jedi since they often thought paying too much heed to them can lead someone to go to the dark side. Qui Gon thought so too at least until things started to match with what his visions were saying. This leads Qui Gon to make decisions against the council and he and his Padawan into further arguments. There seems to be a plot dealing with the next heir to the thrown and a Corporation that uses loopholes to get around to do what they want to do, and Qui Gon becomes increasing uncertain about the corporation being involved with the dealings it has with the planet and the republic after learning how they are using loopholes.

The one thing I want to point out while talking spoilers is that the relationships are the best part of the book. when it comes down to the end when the conspiracy is revealed and the main antagonist is brought to light, the thing that made me want to actually jump up in joy and happiness was when Qui Gon and Obi-wan finally came together to work for the good of the planet. the decision to stay as obi-wans master was not surprising at the end but extremely satisfactory. to see the two characters which are illustrated in the cover of the book come to work together and be in sync was so satisfying and just made more tragic when at the end we are reminded of Qui-Gon’s demise to Darth Maul.

I honestly loved this book that there was probably too much to talk about it. Like the fact that at the beginning of the book we see obi-wan struggling to fight because of his over-reliance on his own power, to finally allowing the force flow through him that what once used to be a massive obstacle become as smooth as anything he’d ever done. the fact that this whole time the conspiracy seemed to revolve around this company with less than moral values, come out to be all the work of the heiress herself plotting to gain all the power. And finally seeing Qui-Gon become confident in himself enough to refuse to follow the councils instruction knowing that the moral thing comes before the law and standing by that decision despite everyone being against him even his apprentice go around his back. Its such a satisfying conclusion and rarely have I ever said that about books.

Overall I highly recommend this book. there’s more to the side characters than I could get to and even though the main characters were in the spotlight each side character had their time to shine and become just as staple to the end as did the main characters. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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