Book Review: Billy Summers

I’ve been on a Stephen King binge as of late, so there is a possibility you might see a lot of reviews on his books coming up. The reason being, I’ve been meaning to get into his books and stories and recent viewings of movies that have been adapted from his material have persuaded me to read more. So this book was the first of a few books I have in my collection.

The main character of this book is billy summers, an assassin for hire who only does hits on “bad” guys. He is on the cusp of retirement but gets word of a job he can’t pass up. This job seems different though. There’s something fishy going on in the underworld business of murder but he just can’t seem to put a finger on it. This job might be the end of him.

My thoughts on this book have been mixed. The beginning portion of this book was interesting but not mind-blowing, mostly getting to know Billy’s character. It’s not until half way, when someone new pops into the picture, does it really start ramping up and The end then becomes a rollercoaster of events.

Overall, I liked it, I thought it was a good read. The only gripe I have is the sporadic references to Trump. It always brought me out of the world. I thought it unnecessary especially because it didn’t really have any real purpose. Other than that, I really liked the main characters and their struggles. I could see this being adapted into another movie or short show but I think it would work really well in the perspective of the secondary character. I think Billy has a mysterious air to him that can really work if seen through the eyes of someone else. It also helps that he becomes a bit of an autobiographer and we learn his back story through what he writes.


The first 200 pages or so of this book is his assassination. It’s all about how he gets his job, the money, the plan, and the eventual murder. It’s all pretty interesting but The eventual betrayal is not surprising. What is surprising is the introduction of the secondary character, Alice. Billy takes her in, in the spur of the moment. He’s hiding out from both the cops and the people who hired him when he sees Alice being left for dead by a couple of guys in a Van. He rescues her on a whim because he is a good guy and the story starts becoming something else from that point on.

Alice warms up to him, slowly gets to know him and vice versa, and they bond in their tragic backstories. I think that’s when the humanity of Billy really shows since the beginning portion of the book mostly shows him just doing what he has to to play the part of a good neighbor.

Alice is a 21 year old who finally takes a step out into the world and is left abused and left to die, so when she finds herself in the hands of Billy she finds a new confidence that he rebuilds in her. He helps her with her trauma and gives her a new lease at life. Thats when the heart of the story comes in. They become each others partners

That was what really hooked me towards the end. It was the care they had for each other that really made me interested to follow their story all the way to the bloody end. It was all pretty heart-warming.

So that was Billy summers. It was an interesting read with some good character work. It wasn’t so good that it blew me away, but it was interesting to read nonetheless. either way thanks for reading this blog and I’ll see ya in the next. God bless!

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