Book Review: Tuesdays with Morrie

This book has been on my shelf for some time. To be honest I’ve been reading books longer than 500 pages for the past couple months and after a while you just get tired. So I decided I wanted to read a shorter book in order to get out of my book slump.

I often post on social media about the books I want to read and ask- those who view my stories- what book I should read next. Even though I get a few responses I always end up picking the first one that someone responds with. So that book came out to be Tuesdays with Morrie. Apparently this book was one of those books we had to read in high school but I don’t ever remember ever having been assigned this one. I remember 1984, Fahrenheit 451, of mice and men, and where the red fern grows, but I don’t remember Tuesdays with Morrie. I think this is an excellent book to read in high school. There are so many lessons to learn from this book that its kind of hard to even write about without feeling I missed out on something. The main thing Morrie wants his readers to understand is that giving is living.

This isn’t a Christian book by any means but the lessons throughout I can see through the lens of christianity. For instance, when he mentions living is giving I think of verses where it says true religion is caring for orphans and widows, giving to the poor and needy, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, love your neighbors as yourself, love those who hate you and pray for those who plot against you and so on. the Bible even says that if you have all the wisdom in the world, or all the gifts but if you have not love, then it is all worthless. Gods command to love pours through every page of the Bible, and when I read this I could not help but look back at the Bible and what I have learned through my own reading. Even the part where he says he never felt more alive- though he was literally dying- then when he was giving to others. One of the most important aspects of the Bible is practicing what you read because when you do that that is when the word of God comes alive. What you read is no longer just words in a book but a reality. Thats when you see God’s hand at work and that when the christian feels most alive. Thats how a christian grows. Sure you can know all the stuff that the Bible says but if you don’t practice it the Bible is just another book on the shelf.

Anyways, I went on a long tangent there but all the same, important, I think. There’s no way I can write a spoiler talk about this book because then I feel like I would not give it justice. The book is relatively short- 180 pages or so- and it can honestly be read in one sitting, if you have the time. I think it is a pretty important book to read on life, death, and what really matters. Anyways thanks for reading, God bless!

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  1. Excellent feed back and the application of the christian view on the very issues of life. What I can see from your thoughts about this book is that even though is not a christian book the writer still applies christian principles without acknowledging them because those perspectives are founded in the christian values. Decent people even though they don’t believe in the Judeo Christian God they have embraced those values that are good for a society.

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