Weekly Update #1

So in the spirit of writing more, I have decided to write a weekly update. This update will include books I’m currently reading, my progress on those books, books I’ve maybe bought( this will help me keep track of my spending habits on this hobby), and anything else I may be working on the moment.

So on the subject of progress, I have not had the time to study as much as I want for the Personal training certificate. With school, more hours at work, and making time for family and friends its been pretty difficult to make time for that. I think I need to start making that a priority though. Im hoping to take more ground on that this week and will have a progress report ready for next week.

I also need to make reading the Bible more of a priority as well. I also think I might have made a decision on which church I would like to go to and maybe get plugged in to. I will have more updates on that as well. For next year, I want to add more biblical studies in to my blog posts. I also have some ideas for things I want to do in the future.

With all honesty, I don’t go to buy books every time, but I’ve found that every time I set foot in barnes and noble, I’ve bought at least four books. My recent haul includes Stephen Kings 11/22/63 which is a time traveling story about a guy who discovers his friend has been going back in time through a room in his diner, one thing leads to another and soon they decide to go back in time to prevent the assassination of president John f Kennedy. I have listened to this book in audio form and loved it. I think it was one of the longest reads I have done in audio but definitely worth it. another book I got is called The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I actually recently ran into a book tuber who talked about this author saying she’s only written a few books but they have always been really good. She was mostly talking about Grimm dark aesthetics and how Donna Tart kinda was the one who started the trend with her book The Secret Society. I personally like the Grimm dark aesthetic so this interested me to buy a book by her. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the cover that I was looking for with the Secret Society(If you like collecting books, you know you just have to get the best looking cover), so I decided to get the goldfinch instead. The Goldfinch is about a boy who survives a car crash that kills his mother, his father abandons him and he is given up to adoption. Missing his mother and abandoned by his father, the boy holds on to the only thing tying him to his mother, a painting, which leads him into the underground world of art. Pretty interesting premise so I’m excited to get into that one.

The third book I got is called Persuasion by Jane Austen. I told my girlfriend, who was with me, to look for the prettiest book she can find and bring it back to me, so while I was looking for my books, she was looking for one herself. it ended up being this book. This one is about a girl who desires to marry this guy, but he is not a wealthy man and because of this, her family talks her out of marrying this guy, a few years later and she is now an unassuming spinster and she runs back into him now a distinguished army man and wealthy. I don’t read a lot of Romance novels but Jane Austen is a good writer so I want to read this story and see how it goes.

The last book I got is called Crossings by Alex Landragin. Pretty cool last name I would say. Basically, at checkout, they told me I can get one of their books for 60% off and so the lady who was checking me out told me about this book and I though it was pretty interesting. Theres a little bit of a twist on how to read this book though. you can actually skip around it or you can read it straight through and apparently each way gives you a different experience. I thought that sounded fun so I got it haha.

I really need to stop buying books haha. I have so many I still need to read and that I’m reading currently. As of late, I’ve been reading IT by Stephen King. I’m about half way through and I got to say, I really like this one. It’s so interesting. Recently, I watched a few Stephen King movies starting with IT, then The Green Mile, and ending with The Shawshank Redemption. I absolutely loved these movies. IT I watched for the first time and I just thought there were some questions I had that I wanted to know answers to and thought if I could read the book I would discover the answers. So far its great. I’m completely caught up in this world. It’s so well realized and the history of this town makes it seem like its a real place. I was sold with the kids side of things in the movies but the adults were left wanting. With the book, I thought I wouldn’t like the adult version of the kids but I actually like it just as much if not a little less. Either way I’m excited to finish this book.

Another book I’m currently reading is the Alchemist. Now this book is something different. I don’t know exactly how to put it or how to feel about it. I have my own beliefs so reading a book like this I find that I agree with some things but disagree with others. Also that I agree with some things to a certain extent. As a story I love it. The boy’s journey into manhood is always an interesting read for me especially if they do growth right. I’m about 20ish pages from finishing so I will write a review soon on it.

I was thinking of maybe creating my own book instagram. so that way I can do visual updates on my favorite things in the books world. What do you think?

Anyways, Other than that thanksgiving is coming up! I’m excited to have that day off with my family and relax. Probably spend a good amount of time reading. haha. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy your thanksgiving! God bless!

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