Weekly Update #2

So there have been some developments on two fronts. First off I’m about 75% of the way through the book It. I think it’s a fantastic book so far and can’t wait to finish it. Secondly, I have now opened a new Instagram account specifically for books called davids_haven_; I haven’t posted anything yet, but it’s up and ready and once I finish IT, that will be the first book up on my page I’m excited. so go follow! haha

In other news, thanksgiving went by like a blur. I felt like that day went by quick and I hardly read anything but it was good. My cousin came from El Salvador and it’s been great. I haven’t seen him since he was a kid so it was cool catching up. We actually went out on Friday to the Hanger in which I had a pretty good bulgogi bowl but the thing I should’ve had was the chicken sandwich from a place called Jay bird’s; it looked amazing. My family got it and the sandwiches looked so crunchy and the brioche bun looked so appetizing. The thing was, I already work for a chicken place so I wanted something other than chicken. Afterward, we went to the movies and watched House of Gucci. My goodness, that movie was something. I struggled to watch it, to be honest. It only helped that we were laughing for a good portion of the movie. I highly recommend watching this movie with a friend group who loves picking apart movies. If you go to watch this movie for something serious it definitely will disappoint. the story was pretty ridiculous. Jared Leto was unrecognizable in his role but was literally the funniest character in the whole movie. I have no idea whether I was supposed to take this movie seriously, but it was so ridiculous that I just couldn’t help laughing at the performances. there were so many problems and things that took you out of the story that for most of the movie I was screaming “WHAT?” it was great. The movie was terrible, but the experience with friends and family was great.

Lastly, I was going through a super target last night with some friends- didn’t even know those existed, to be honest- and I was combing through the book section when I found the most beautiful versions of Harry Potter I’ve ever seen. They are hardcover, illustrated versions of the stories. I was looking through the books and immediately fell in love with them. I was obsessed and still am because I keep thinking about how awesome it would be to have those and one day- lord willing- read them to my kids. Shoot, I would read it to anybody who is interested in the book.

Okay, lastly lastly, have you guys seen Hawkeye? I just saw it last night with my friends and so far I love it. I love the whole Christmas aesthetic. Christmas just gives me so much nostalgia; I love this time of year. I think its pretty cool that they are going to release an episode every Wednesday up until Christmas Day. How many of you will wait for every episode to come out before binging it on Christmas? I’m kinda tempted to do that especially because I will be going to a cabin the day after and I think it will hype up the Christmas vibe.

Anyways thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! God bless!

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