Weekly Update #3

This past week has both been Long and short. Do you ever find yourself stuck in a moment at work, where you find time starts moving at a snails pace? Working as often as I do, and at the same times I do, makes it hard for things not to seem to blend into the surreal. the monotony of the same routine crashes into your mind like copy and pasted images of the previous day. Those days seem the longest. Im glad this weekend I was feeling adventurous and went out with my family and girlfriend to go see lights at a lavender farm in cherry valley. Thousands of lights spread out into the darkness of the fields warming the otherwise freezing night. We got steaming hot hot cocoa and took picture beneath the low hanging lights of an old willow tree. To top off the night we sang our hearts out driving home and dined in the classiest of all classiest places you can imagine, Denny’s. haha. Honestly, I don’t know whether it was because I was hungry or I Denny’s has really upped its game, but the food and service was spectacular. I think it was definitely a night to remember.

Other than that, finals week is here and now I am drowning in nothing but sadness. I’m joking, but finals week is stressful and work doesn’t help out as much. Either way, I know that too will pass. I think one of the upsides of having my family around is the privilege of going out and actually enjoying myself; no worries or stress. I don’t know how to exactly to describe it but, do you know the feeling of excitement you get when you look forward to something coming up. I mostly associate those feelings with events or movies or even recent purchases and its been a while since I’ve been genuinely excited for the weekends to come. its always been like I’ve been too tired to do something but now I feel like I have a new energy.

In other news, I have finally finished IT! it’s been so long since I have started that book I just wanted to get it done. It was a good book for sure and I’m excited to talk about it in my book review. Overall, I think it captures childhood unlike any other book I have ever read. I don’t like some of the elements of the book but overall I highly enjoyed it. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. But I’m glad I have finished it and am able to put that book away and start a new adventure in some other world. I don’t exactly know what to read next.

As for my book instagram I have changed the name to we_who_read. So if you want to follow me and all the books I read along the way follow me there! I have already posted about the latest haul I got which is.. **drum roll*** Harry Potter! I got the illustrated editions of Harry Potter, the ones I spoke about the other day. While purchasing I found out that only 4 have come out so far with fifth one scheduled to come out next year. I only got two so far but Im happy to have them. The illustrations are perfect. I can’t wait to get the first book to read it all over again. Ive actually been listening to Harry Potter and the goblet of fire on audible this past week. I’ve been on an audible slump though and can’t decide what to listen to next so I’ve just been jumping around and listening to a chapter from one book and then another until something hooks me.

Other than that, there’s nothing really else to write about. So I’ll leave it at that for the next update! God bless!

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