Weekly update #5

So Big news! I’ve signed up for my next marathon! I will be running in the… *drum roll* San Diego rock’n’roll marathon on June 3rd. That gives me about 6 months to prepare. ill take the next 2 months to lower my weight and build up mileage again and then three more months to get into tip top shape. with that I will also be recording my weight every week following this one to get the best results I can. its a bit of accountability. my goal is to get into the 170’s and stay there when I start training specifically for the marathon. In other news, my brother in law will also be running with me. This will be exciting as I learn more things with all that I have been studying and apply it to my training.

Also, I bought a heart rate monitor! its about time really but I bought the polar h9 heart rate monitor that connects with my phone and my watch. so far I’ve liked it especially because it gives me an accurate picture of my heart rate while running. I’ve realized I can be running a little faster than usual so I’ve pushed myself a little harder on runs and already feel a difference. the one thing I don’t like about the heart rate monitor is how it connects. once I’m done with one workout it disconnects and I can’t get it to reconnect. plus, I don’t really like having to have the app open on my phone the whole time while working out. if anyone knows any fixes with that please let me know.

In regards to reading, I am about 3/4ths of the way to finishing Kenobi and 1/4 the way finishing Peter Pan. I actually really like the Star Wars book but the only thing that I am a bit disappointed by is the fact that we don’t actually follow obi-won but the people he interacts with. If I didn’t know anything about Kenobi then I think the book would make an awesome mystery book but as it stands it kinda stinks not knowing what’s going on inside his head. Peter Pan is actually really well written and simple and whimsical, I love it. So far Peter Pan seems like a selfish kid, which I totally understand because he is someone who doesn’t want to grow up and just have fun all the time. he only really thinks of himself and that’s his character flaw. It made me think of the movie and see how much of it I can remember. I’ll probably watch the movie once I’m done.

also, I’m listening to the last book of the Darth bane trilogy. So far I’ve really liked it because there’s so much unexpected things happening. just from the prologue itself, I feel like I have a grasp of where the story might go but like the last book I’m sure it will go places I didn’t even think about, especially because there are new characters already being introduced.

In other more exciting and amazing news, I watched Spiderman: no way home! oh my gosh, that movie was so amazing. I watched it for a second time last night and with the second viewing I would say I caught some things I would consider plot holes but overall I think the movie was brilliant. I never in my life thought I would see the things I saw and I think I want to make a separate review about the movie because there is so much to talk about. I definitely don’t want to give away any spoilers here but expect them in my review! My mind was reeling.

And there you have it, all caught up with my week, now on to Christmas! hope you guys have a wonderful time with friends and family and that you are blessed! see ya next week!

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