Movie Review:Spider-man: No Way Home

This Spiderman movie starts immediately after the events of the second film, far from Home. In it, Mysterio leaks spider man’s true identity and Peter Parker now has to deal with the consequences, which also trickles down to those who are the closest to him like his new girlfriend and his best friend. When events don’t go their way, and with their future now unsure, Peter seeks the aid of Doctor Strange who agrees to make a spell that will cause the world to forget who Peter Parker is. Through his meddling, Peter Parker ruins the spell and unleashes unknown villains into his universe from other universes and is now given the task to capture them and send them back to their universe.

I absolutely loved this film, not only because of the nostalgia of seeing all the old villains back but because the story was able to elevate Tom Hollands Spiderman into the Spiderman we all know and care about from the comic books. Before this film, Spiderman didn’t really feel like a friendly neighborhood Spiderman because it was always wrapped inside the world of the MCU. it never really felt grounded. it never felt like Peter Parker had to deal with the stress and frustrations of the mantra “with great power comes great responsibility.” The stakes never felt high enough. this time around things begin to focus on who Spiderman is as a character and not on just what he does. I feel like now we see how important all the people in his life really are to him and what they mean to him as he suffers and is put throw the ringer this time around. this is the most heartfelt of all the Spiderman trilogy and the hype surrounding this movie is well deserved. its truly something to say that this movie is a standout in the past year because, first of all, I’m writing about it and secondly, the marvel films lately have been alright. I feel like they’ve been kind of lost.

I think that Tom Holland has finally made Peter Parker his own. Zendaya was given a lot more to work with and their relationship finally shines where in the past two films there was not much to talk about. Ned also cements himself as Peter Parker’s best friend and ties himself to the likes of Harry Osborne. overall, this film to me has probably reached the top of the list of all time favorite Spiderman movies.


Okay time to talk about a few things I really wanted to say! if you have seen this movie you know, one of the most jaw dropping scenes of the film was when Aunt May dies. I saw the movie twice and I was stunned the first time unable to really comprehend what happened and was denying the fact that she actually died. The second time, I actually let the emotions flow and man when I say that Tom holland brought it for this role, he brought it. I was completely sucked in to the performance. And you know, after seeing this movie and thinking about it, I really think that the home trilogy has really just been Spiderman’s origin story this whole time. I think it works better to think about it this way especially because aunt may’s death hits so much harder than any of the uncle ben’s death scenes from the previous iterations of spider-man because we spent more time with the character. Andrew Garfield was a retread of the same events of the first trilogy with some changes, but the eventual death of uncle ben was not as surprising as the first time. With this trilogy, we didn’t get that scene. I thought iron man was going to be that uncle ben figure when he died but, even though it was a sad scene, it didn’t have the same impact for Spiderman as uncle ben, and thinking about it, I realized it was because he never saw it as his fault. He never felt responsible for not being able to save Tony stark. it was a tragic death but not one of his own doing. Aunt may felt way way more personal. Thats what brings home the mantra and that’s what makes Spiderman a lonely character dealing with life, love, and the responsibility of doing the right thing at the cost of his own happiness. Thats the Spiderman from the comics we were missing, that was present in the Tobey version but not the tom holland version.

I had one issue with the reveal of Tobey, and Andrew, and that is that it immediately followed the death of Aunt may. the movie was going at break neck speed to begin with, and I didn’t mind at first, but when it went from aunt may to Spiderman funny business, I just felt an abrupt change in the tone. I felt they didn’t give enough time to breath and really digest what happened and they should’ve elongated the scene where Tom hollands Spiderman was looking up at the screen crying over the death of his Aunt and listening to J. Jonah Jamison talk about his failure. If they had just let Tom holland full send in that scene, I think It would’ve cemented itself as probably one of the saddest scenes in all comic book movies especially because of how iconic that scene looked.

But okay, the reveals themselves were fun besides the abrupt tonal shift. I’m so glad they did this. When Andrew and Tobey showed up on screen I couldn’t believe that I would ever see that happening in my life. I was completely blown away, not only at the fact that they were on screen playing Spiderman but also that they also played a significant role in the movie besides coming in to save the day. My favorite part was when MJ started throwing the bread at Andrew while he was hanging there trying to convince her he was Spiderman. And also the part when they all discovered tobey had organic web shooters and they were all tripping out over the fact that it was coming out of his body. The conversations and interactions between all different spidermen were hilarious!. By far, one of the more impactful scenes with them is the scene where Andrew saves MJ from her fall, redeeming himself from his last movie. I thought that was genius! there were so many things that happened that I couldn’t believe were happening in front of my eyes between the Spidermen that I was just left reeling.

It’s crazy to me that after this movie I want to know more about what happened to the other Spiderman when they went home. like, now that the villains are cured do they go home and survive? or does forgetting Spiderman have the adverse affect of also deleting everything they basically went through and uncuring the cured ? I don’t mind not watching another Spiderman with tobey in it but at least one with Andrew! I think it would be amazing to see what happens and see him get a happy send off besides the miserable one he got. then, I want to know what he’s talking about when he said he got bitter and started to not hold back his punches. does that mean he killed some people or what? there’s so much I would like to know! They all did such an amazing job and they left the door open to more possible crossovers so they have the ability to do all kinds of Spiderman movies at the same time. they can do Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales and throw them in whenever they want. there’s limitless possibilities now that the multiverse is a thing.

One issue I also saw during the movie was the moment when they were fighting before aunt may died. Ned and MJ were clearly watching the news as the event went down and MJ was given the task of pressing the button as soon as something went wrong, but she didn’t. It also seemed like they knew that aunt may died from their reactions at the school when they meet tom, yet the news never mentioned who died. but I mean without all that they wouldn’t have the movie soooo. its okay haha. still fun overall and I’m so happy they did this. I feel like the real Spiderman finally stood up and we are gonna finally see him flourishing as the Spiderman that we know from the comics. I’m excited for more movies.

Anyways, thanks for reading this blog, hope you enjoyed it and have a blessed christmas break! take care!

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