Weekly update: #6

I’m actually writing this up in a cabin right now. We decided to spend our vacation time together as a family. The trip up here was actually a little scary since we got here late and we didn’t have to put on chains. But, its been really nice they have a nice pool table area and I my uncle is really good at playing pool. The way he plays is almost pro.

I think Imight post about the cabin trip later. As an update, from what I’ve been reading, I just finished Kenobi and posted my review, so check that out when you can, it was pretty good. So far I’ve liked most of the- Star Wars books that I have read. I even finished the Bane trilogy too . I wasn’t expecting to finish it until maybe after the trip but I had time to spare before leaving yesterday for the cabin, so I went on a run and listened to the book for the hour it took me to run 5 miles and I was able to get through the remaining time. I plant to finish peter pan and start on a whole new set of books before the new year. There’s so many books and so little time. I even got four, no , five books for Christmas I will post my Christmas haul on my instagram. I was also thinking of posting either my top 5or top 10 books of the year. Let me know what sounds more interesting.

When it comes to running, I’ve been slowly building up the time on my feet I ran maybe a total of 8 miles this week. Its not that much but I don’t want to go so far that I injury myself again. My starting weight right now is about 195 pounds I want to get down to about 175 before Istart training seriously starting in February. This weekend won’t help but I’ve started tweaking my diet already. I’m going to do something different this time around. I’m actually going to try a high protein and high fat diet, I’ve been realizing carbs tend to bloat me up and when I tried the new diet this week I actually felt a lot better on my runs and also my lifting sessions. Hopefully that solves a lot of other issues I have been having.it also helps me cut out the unnecessary sugar I’ve been eating. That doesn’t meaning I’m cutting out carbs , it just means I’ll be lowering my carb intake.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to the new year and some changes that will come with that. I reed to be more consistent with my pt certificate course but other than that I feel pretty good about the new year.What are some things you are looking forward to?

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the holidays! God bless.

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