My Top 5 Books of 2021

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating with family and friends and are all started on their new year resolution. I just wanted to come on here and give my input on my top 5 best reads of the year 2021. I have read a total of 27 books last year. not a ton compared to many other readers out there but it is for me because of my schedule. I had a wide assortment of reads last year, I noticed a jumped around in medium, audience, and got out of my comfort zone and read different genres too. for the most part I considered myself a fantasy/ sci-fi reader but I have delved into some horror, historical, and self help books as well. my goal for this year is to read 30 books and also dive into more mystery and horror type books. i also want to read some shorter works. I’ve gotten a far amount of books that are under 500 pages or so and I think that those shouldn’t be a problem to finish.

This book I would classify as a children’s book. It’s very simplistic in all aspects but I think its a must read to your children. Even as an adult, the lessons in this book are pretty good. there are a few things that needed to be heard and I think any child would appreciate hearing these words said to them. The book is simply illustrated but beautiful and the story simple as well with a whimsical feel but all the same the lessons are ones that can last a lifetime.

The whole reason I read the comic Invincible was because I heard it was made by the same writer as the one who made The Walking dead. It was that, and the fact that the show appeared on amazon Prime and I highly enjoyed the show. The comic was amazing. I absolutely loved the story. It never felt like it recycled through old ideas, the pace was perfect, and the constant challenges the main character faced were jaw dropping to behold. honestly I was never that into comics except maybe Spiderman comics and I just had to get all three compendiums to the story. It was awesome.

When I got this book, I thought that the cover was really nice and the story sounded interesting. I didn’t know it was based on real events and written by the great granddaughter of one of the characters. it was amazing to see their adventure retold in this way. I think this should be one of those books that should be read in high school. It helps put into perspective what was going on around the 1940’s and what horrors were done in Europe. As a story, it’s suspenseful, heart dropping and beautiful all at the same time.

To sleep in a Sea of Stars is a sci-fi epic. It deals with first contact, intergalactic war, a little bit of body horror and alien artifacts and infrastructures. The beginning is what hooks you from the get go. Everything turns around really quickly and from then on its just learning about one thing from the next. Its really interesting how you get a good grasp of the sci-fi jargon early on to carry you on the rest of the book. There are characters you meet a long the way that you really fall in love with so seeing anything happening to these guys is a real gut buster. It may be long but it was definitely a fantastical ride.

I really like this cover of the book, I wish I had gotten this one before I had gotten the all white one but either way, its about the content inside that matters right? This book was a long read. it took me about a good month to get through it but it was definitely worth the ride. I made the mistake of watching the movie before reading the book but I will no longer make that mistake. since I’m currently reading the shining, I will not be watching the movie before finishing the book and same goes for the sequel, Doctor Sleep. I really like the way that King writes his characters. He gives them so much personality and breath to them that its as if I’m reading of an actual person and that Derry, Maine, is an actual place. If I hadn’t seen the movie before reading the book I definitely would’ve been more freaked out while reading the book. there was one section that even got to the point of uncomfortable-ness but overall the book was great. So creepy was the clown and his manifestations that I would be lying if I didn’t get creeped out reading this book at night. honestly though, I thought the book was well written, I didn’t like some of the subplots of the book because I felt they had no purpose at the end of the story but compared to the movies things seemed much more profound in scope. The characters both as kids and adults were interesting, the kids shinning by far in both the books and the movies, and the creature IT and his powers seemed a lot more understandable in the book. overall I liked it a whole lot enough to put in my top 5. Definitely a page turner.

Thats it for my top 5 books of the year 2021. If you haven’t read any of these books I highly recommend them to you. For more updates on my books and what I am reading follow my instagram page we_who_read. I will be posting updates and my thoughts. Thanks for reading! God Bless.

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