Weekly update #7

The beginning of this year started out really crazy already, I have to say. New Years day I worked from 11:30-8 and it was a busy day at Chick-fil-a. The next day came and went so fast and now, Im back at it with school, two weeks of fast paced schooling to get the year going fast paced. I also start my new diet and exercise routine today. hoping to end the week off at 190 lbs and hopefully even make it to the 180’s. I plan to grab some frozen foods today after I workout, since I won a nutribullet in a raffle at work, and put that thing to some good use. I want to try to put more vegetables and fruits in my diet since ive changed it up to higher fat and protein. Last week was a bust for food since the holidays and it being the new year and all.

So recently ive started reading the Shining and I’m only 25 pages in and can already tell that its going to be good. Stephen King already coming in with the great character work and especially with the kids. I’m excited to get further in. Peter Pan has slowed down considerable because honestly it feels more like an obligation to see it through at this rate than to actually enjoy reading. its not that I don’t like it per say but I do find the writing to be a little repetitive. being an only 200 page book that’s saying a lot. maybe its just because I don’t really like the character of Peter Pan so much. The audiobook I’m listening to right now is Necronomicon which is HP Lovecrafts compilation of short stories. Ive gone through The stories of Herbert West the reanimator, which follows his assistant in certain terms and his telling of the life and experiments of Herbert West. So obsessed was he of bringing the dead back to life that he did some awfully shady things to get what he wanted. The second story was called the Lurking Fear, which was basically a haunted house type story and the third was called The Rats in the Walls, which was about a man whose family is somewhat cursed with a mansion wherein lie no ordinary rats. It’s all pretty exciting and spooky thought not as spooky as I thought it would be. chapter 4 is where I left off with the story called The whisperer in the darkness, its already pretty creepy thinking about what that means.

Lastly, ive been able to study a little more as of late for the CPT and I hope to finish chapter 2 this week. I have so much left to do but I think I can do it. I just have to keep studying hard. Also, side note with the class I am taking, it comes with the possibility to take a test to get certified in something else, so I will take that and run with it. What it is that I will get certified, I don’t know yet, but he says he will help us with that later.

So that’s the latest update for now! thanks for reading. If you guys want to know more about something specific please let me know, I’d like to see what everyone is interested in hearing with these blogs. Thanks. God bless!

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