Weekly update: #8

These past two weeks have been nonstop work and school. I had class in the morning from 9-2 and then, from 3 till 10, I had work for the most part. it was exhausting but I got through it and ended up with an A in the class. This also explains why I never posted last week.

Other than that, the new schedule actually made me budget my schedule better for some reason, I finished The Shining, ran almost everyday last week and worked out, and was able to study and do my homework. I hope I can keep it going with studying for the CPT exam.

Also, I just started doctor sleep and I kinda don’t like it so far. I feel like Danny was more mature in the first book but we will see how it goes as I get further in. Also I have been getting in itchy to read another comic book and I think I will choose a Spiderman comic. I love Spiderman, and with the recent release of the movie its motivated me to get into the comics again. the only comic I’ve ever read, actually is the ultimate comic number 1. so we’ll start with that.

when it comes to running, ive been doing really good. ive been keeping my easy run under 140 BPM and my speed workouts have never felt better. the last speed run I had on Saturday felt amazing. I was running speeds comfortably that I haven’t ran in a while. I’m glad I toned down my runs even further than the last time I started training because I’m not experiencing pain or discomfort on my feet. I want to keep my time domain at about 40 minutes this week for 4-5 days of running. im trying to build time on my feet since I know the mileage is not the most important thing right now. My focus for the next month is building my aerobic fitness. next week ill try 45 minutes and then the week following 50 minutes. my easy runs will be purely focused on keeping my heart rate low the whole time. keeping my heart rate low will let me burn fat and build aerobic endurance. if you wanna know my training strategy for this season look up the MAF-180 training strategy in building endurance for long distance runners. if you want to become a runner I 100% believe you can do it, especially if you follow this strategy because it helps to know that every training session is building on each other. Plus, it’s all based on your own individual heart rate and perceived effort. I should schedule writing about it sometime this week to go more into the details and why I think this will help me moving forward.

In other news, I actually got sick this week. this is the first time I’ve felt sick in the past three years. my home test says that I’m negative for covid but it’s still not fun to have the flu. I feel like I’m over the hump now and have been feeling better this afternoon so that’s a relief.

My goals this week is to finish doctor sleep and possibly watch the movie, finish chapter 2 of CPT handbook, and to start running again either by tomorrow or Wednesday depending on how I feel.

Anyways thank you for reading this blog! God bless! Stay healthy!

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