Weekly Update: #9

its been a while since I’ve written something on my blog page. When I got sick the other day it ended up being worse than I thought so I took a week or two to recover and now I’m back to normal more or less haha. unfortunately, that was two weeks where I couldn’t train or move around a lot so I couldn’t think about preparing for marathon training. training actually started this last week so I had to basically start from zero, but despite the setback I feel like the week of taking it easy on runs has helped me feel a little better and ready to get into training.

Last week I started by running 13 miles, considering the effect getting sick had on me I feel like it was good enough for the week. I ran 4 days including a speed day with about an average of 3 miles per run. Right now im making sure that all my easy runs are just that, easy. The reason for all the annoying injuries and soreness from last training session was because I would say im going easy but i would get impatient during long runs and push myself during recovery and easy runs. my plan this time around is to make sure to warm up and cool down despite the time it may take. I want to make sure I take all the time I need to run and get the most of the training sessions. im looking for quality training sessions not quantity.

One thing I need to completely overhaul is my diet. since I got sick it was a lot harder to prepare my own food so I ended up eating whatever there was. I just needed to eat what I could even though I didn’t feel hungry. so now I got to clean it up and track the amount of calories I can intake. I still need to lose some weight and I’m hoping I can get down early on in my training because it will only be harder later.

When it comes to reading I haven’t been able to read as much as I want. with school and work and being sick. its been the last thing on my mind. that being said I have decided not to put so much pressure on myself to read and make reviews. the good thing though is now that im running again I will have a lot of time to listen to books. I’ve actually listened to the first book from the stormlight archive, Brandon Sanderson’s the way of kings. Ive read the book before but I wanted to explore the story again. to be honest a skipped around to my favorite persons perspective, Kaladin and Dalinar’s POV. I really didn’t like Shallan’s story arch in this book so I often skipped her sections. luckily enough I realized there weren’t that many. she has a better story arch in the next book so when I get to listen to that book I will actually go through it.

Right now I’m reading a book called redeeming love; its actually become a movie that’s out now in theaters, which I’ve seen. I think I’ll probably finish the book this week. I have less than 100 pages left. I have some thoughts on the book and the movie I would like to talk about. I did say I was going to read doctor sleep which I did get a good portion into but i feel like it doesn’t capture the same feel as the first. I think Stephen king should’ve made it all about the new kid with the shining and Danny should’ve been a side character. the first 100 pages jump perspectives a lot so its been hard to get into the story. it might be better as I go along but Ive come to crawl reading that book. The stand is actually a book that I’ve enjoyed so far though honestly I haven’t picked it up for a while since I’ve started reading redeeming love. its a long book so I don’t think ill finish it any time soon.

Thats basically everything that has gone on over the past couple weeks. i’m also excited to announce the second season of my marathon training blogs starting this Friday. I’m excited to share about all the ups and downs of training and to beat my time for the first marathon. Anyways thank you for reading and hope you stay tuned! Thank you, God bless!

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