Marathon: Season 2: Week 1

I’m so excited to be back, up and running again. The best part of having a goal is the fire it lights in you to get better. For those of you who haven’t followed me first of all welcome, and second of all I’m training for my second marathon ever on June 5th. I’m excited to improve on my 5:38 marathon from last year and really just improve all around on my knowledge base and on my training methodology.

last season, I made a lot of mistakes. the main one was that I didn’t listen to my body, I overtrained and pushed myself past what I could do in the moment to get times that I wasn’t ready for. Another mistake is not letting myself recover and pushing past pain eventually letting it get worse. I realize I need to actually use all the recover tools I know at my disposal.

This time around I’ve invested on a chest strap for running and work on zone training which takes into account the heart rate during training, the purpose is to train my aerobic capacity to get better with anaerobic training as well.

So yeah, This week was my first week training officially for the marathon and overall it was pretty good. I felt good on my speed workout which was a mile warm-up 2×400 meter run at zone 5, 2×800 at a zone 5, 2×400 at a zone 5 followed by a cool down. I realize cool down and warm up shouldn’t be avoided and need to be at appropriate speeds. my thinking last season was just getting it over with, so I didn’t care what speed I had to go as long as I could be done as fast as possible.

I plan to try to do other things on my days off like biking, hiking and swimming. I really miss swimming since I haven’t swam since college. I swam competitively for high school but I didn’t continue on after that and just swam for a class. that is all in order to put less pressure on my joints but still get a workout in and improve my cardiovascular system.

I also need to drop some weight which unfortunately is not the easiest thing when preparing for a run, I hope to do it early on so I can be properly be fueled when I run the higher mileage further into my training.

Anyways thanks for supporting me, whenever I learn anything new or worthwhile I will post about it and share my experience. This is all still relatively new to me so I would like to learn as much as I can and share that knowledge to a wider audience. God bless!

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