Marathon: S2W3

To paraphrase a quote I heard earlier this week , ” The man who loves walking will go further than the man who loves the destination.” One of the things that I learned about myself this week, is that I love fitness. This is one of the things I think about the day before and try to plan ahead. I love the feeling of accomplishment and the mental release it gives me. I feel better, I have more energy and it overall does wonders to my health. this is something I see myself pursuing for the rest of my life.

Running gives me a sense of consistency. Ever since I started this journey of running and finding my limits, I have found that I have been diving into how I can make myself a better runner. I’m actually enjoying the learning process and adding those things to my repertoire of knowledge. It’s something I find extremely satisfying especially when I do see improvement in myself.

This past week I tested my max aerobic threshold and found that I can keep a pretty steady pace at around 10:50 to 10:45 pace without going over my max aerobic heartbeat. this was after running an hour and in a more fatigued space than in the beginning. its good to know that I’m improving even so slightly as a few seconds. After getting sick, I struggled to run 12 minute mile paces without spilling over my max aerobic heart rate. just after a few weeks I find a huge improvement.

This is what I love about fitness, the fact that you can improve yourself if you apply yourself and keep consistent. I may not look so different on the outside or things may not look so different on the scale, but the fact remains that there will be improvement.

This is what my focus is for this season, improvement. the funny thing is that when I see improvement in my fitness, it becomes like an addiction. what else can I improve on? what else can I do? it starts trickling into everything else in my life and I’m all for that mental boost. I’m excited for this journey because it means more to me than the actual race.

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