Marathon: S2W5

Wow I can’t believe its been 5 weeks already! time flies really quickly. I’m already starting to feel the pressure as the day comes nearer. this past week has been pretty good. I took it pretty easy the past few days though because I started feeling some pain on my left achilles. I really don’t want what happened last time to happen this time so I have been staying away from running if I don’t feel good, or my aches have been too much. I feel like I’m stuck caring for all that though. I wish I could just run without having to worry about all that. If anybody has any advise for this please let me know.

So far I’ve been able to run about 22 miles per week. My easy runs I’ve been running at about a 13 minute mile pace, unless I’m outside, it sinks into the 12 minute mile pace because I’ve been noticing on the treadmill its easier to slow down than outside. What I think I’m going to do differently this week is start my week off with a threshold run or fartlek run. this way I can use all the rest of the week gauging my recovery and doing a bunch of easy runs. I also have to start increasing my mileage. my long run this week is going to be 9 miles so im excited since I haven’t ran that far in a while. for the most part, I have been running on the treadmill but with increased mileage that means i need more time and the treadmills at the gym are set for an hour max,so looks like im going to start getting more of a tan haha.

Also, I think i’m going to have to look for more of a cushioned shoe. i think when my next paycheck comes in I’m going go to a run lab and see how they can help me and see which shoes they recommend for me, which reminds me, I need to book a deep massage appointment. i really need to get on top of these things if I want to stay in front of recovery.

Theres so much to think about with school and work and everything else in between. its a little bit overwhelming. Anyways wish me luck on my runs and pray I stay injury free this week. Thanks!

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