Marathon: S2W7&8

I know I haven’t posted about the last two weeks, its been a bit difficult with school, work and working out. I feel like I barely have time for myself these past couple of weeks. There has been a lot on my mind but I’ll get to that later.

So last week we were ramping up mileage again and it was going good until I started feeling this nagging hip pain develop. I’m guessing its either the gluteas medialis or I’m having symptoms due to some kind of sciatic issue. Either way, it made just standing for long periods of time annoying, which is basically what I do for a living, but the good thing is that I was able to get all my runs in even though it’s been slow going. I’m a bit disappointed on my long 10 mile run. I really wanted to keep going at even pace but I kept thinking that I didn’t want to be running for such a long period of time, and thinking about things I had to do later, so I couldn’t get into a rhythm that I felt comfortable with and I kept stopping. It just didn’t feel like a good run. I was thinking too much about the discomfort and I was thinking about the past marathon and how I felt then and it just all threw me for a loop in my head.

This week was an off week, a deload week and I am thankful for it. Even still I could not force myself to run this week. in total I think I ran a total of five miles. the good thing is that the hip pain is gone, and I felt stronger lifting this week. the only issue is feeling like I was unproductive.

So along with dealing with issues of injury and unproductive feelings, I have also been feeling a little doubt about the performance of my next race. I feel like I won’t be able to beat my last time and having that bad ten mile workout last week and this unproductive week , I’ve been really feeling down on myself and its a funk that I hate going into because I get back into bad habits that are even more unproductive. I get stuck on a vicious cycle of social media when I can be doing something productive. (I feel like I’ve said (un)productive too many times in this one paragraph, sorry haha)

Basically, I plan to tackle this week with more gusto than the past couple of weeks. I’m excited to get into the next block of training which will increase mileage and time on my feet. I just don’t want to think about the next roadblocks ahead, but sometimes I just can’t help it. So, I’ve decided to take things day by day and try to build better habits and build a better mindset. I need to look at things more positively than I have been and push onwards. Sometimes being positive is the hardest thing to do when the loudest things in your mind are screaming for attention.

I hope to give a positive report next week, Thanks for reading! till next week!

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