I’ve Started a New Hobby!

This year I’ve been thinking a lot about making new memories, but instead of the Lone Ranger type of ideas I’ve thought of wallowing in my own melancholy, I started thinking about building new memories with those around me. I’m turning 28 this year and that has got me thinking a lot about what I am doing, Where am I going to be in five years, where I want to be in five years. Those are questions I really never thought of, sadly, and I feel like I’ve been putting off because I lacked confidence in myself and my own abilities.

This year I decided that I want to venture out and explore something new and that something is….

Furniture flipping!

One of the reasons why I wanted to get into it is because, one, I know nothing about it, two, its something me and my dad can do together since he likes to work on house projects, and three, it’s an opportunity to learn how to work with my hands other than bagging sandwiches. plus it’s something that I’ve been interested in for a while now.

I’ve always been interested in art, since I was a kid but something I always lacked was confidence In my artistic ideas, but in an effort to gain some more confidence I thought working on furniture would be an even middle. this would give me the opportunity to experiment with some ideas and yet at the same time work on something that has already been made. I have done some small things here and there before but nothing really for a profit. When my sister was getting married I built a wall for her engagement party out of wood and also built something to put over the alter at their wedding ceremony. I had a great time working on those so I think it will be fun.

Something I want to remember in five years is the time I spent with my family and working on something together. I think working on these things with my dad will give us the time to bond that we didn’t really get to do so much of in my teens and young adult years. I realized that what I am doing now affects where I will be in the future. What I want to do now is build these bonds I have so that way can look back on them on the future. I think being proactive like this with my dad will be beneficial in the long run.

So I am excited to work on something like this. this is just one of many things I hope to change that will lead me into a better future.

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