HIMYM: Thoughts On the Show’s Ending

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How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom that follows the Narrator ted, as he shares the story of how he met the mother of his children in extraneous detail. I would say it is the spiritual successor of Friends but others may differ in that opinion. I started watching this show in high school think when my sister told me about the show. The show was funny, witty, and very self aware of itself and that’s why I think I liked it at first. I dropped off in the later seasons because of lack of interest. I think they lost me with one too many side stories and love interests. I think I stopped watching when barney started dating Robin again.

This past year a spinoff of the series “creatively” named how I met your father came out and I started watching it out of curiosity. that interest led me to jump back on how I met your mother and watch it from the beginning. I finished it last week.

Watching it over again brought me back to why I liked the show in the first place and also why I eventually fell off the show, but in the interest of knowing everything to the end, I continued it til the bittersweet end.

I don’t know if you have seen it or not but just to warn you spoilers ahead! I would say if you are interested watch it for yourself, some of the humor is crass but Ted’s main story was the main hook for me, plus there are some honest to goodness good advice scattered throughout. Though known for its humor there is also parts that delved into serious topics.

Anyways, lets talk the ending…

My gosh did that ending get milked for all its worth. the last three seasons were all leading up to a wedding that was teased as Barneys and then the last season was literally the days leading up to it. We find out the season before last that it was barney and Robins wedding and the events leading up to them being together again.

Ok I got ahead of myself. To preface. Barney is one of ted’s closest friends. Robin was the romantic love interest that showed up in the first episode of the first season. Ted and robin dated for a little while and broke up because of the differences they had about marriage and kids and their future so they stayed friends. As they went on and dated other people robin started dating Barney and they became serious for a while but broke up because they didn’t like that they weren’t happy with how they were when together. So now all of three of them remained friends and dated other people and eventually barney and robin realize that they still have feelings for each other while in other relationships and so they break things off with their significant others and finally get together. This whole time Ted had been dating various woman getting into various levels of seriousness. at one point he gets left at the alter, breaks up with another girl because of his friendship with robin even though she broke her own wedding to be with him.

Ok so before the wedding it comes out that ted Is still in love with robin and he tries to hide it by staying away. But it comes apparent to everyone that he is. Then comes season 9 where we finally meet the mother and she’s the sweetest person ever but they don’t meet at all. but within the four to five days the season takes place all his friends meet her.

This is where I have my issues with the shows ending. First off, its how I met your mother! the mother should be the major highlight when she does show up but she gets even less attention than some of the other relationships that ted has gotten in. secondly, when we do get to see the mother I absolutely love those episodes but too bad its only like four or five of the 24 episodes in the season. most of the other episodes we find ourselves in meaningless antics that nobody wants to see, when we have the mother right there. Third, The problem with only seeing the mother a handful of times is that we are given this artificial person for ted. she checks every box, on paper she seems perfect and that’s the issue. a lot of the other girls seemed real because they had their differences. She just seemed like made for ted, they could have made more of rounded character with more time with her.

Lastly, and most annoyingly, The last episode(s) flash forward their relationship and drops a bomb about how the mother has been dead for 6 years! At that I knew where this was going. The main story was not about the mother but about how ted was in love with Robin. and sure enough that’s how it ends. He asks her out.

Now, I think it would’ve been ok if they had this ending IF( Emphasis on the IF) they had spent more time having us fall in love with the mother organically. To me, it seems like the mother was an afterthought. That he got with the mother because he couldn’t get the ultimate prize which was robin. This could’ve been rectified if they had made it completely definitive that ted was in hopelessly and madly in love with the mother. instead we get a montage of clips of them already in the relationship. We don’t get a long winded speech from the protagonist( this is what Ted’s character is known for) about how much he loves her, and how awesome she is.

(long sigh).. just imagine me sighing please. This is why I don’t like the ending. It doesn’t ruin the series for me but it does not satisfy like I thought it should. But oh well!. How many shows actually end the way you want it to? or on a high note? if you know of any shows that end well, please let me know in the comments! thanks!

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