Book Review: Andromeda Strain

its been a while since I’ve done a book review! Now, I have been reading but its been slow going and I’ve mostly been listening to audiobooks. there’s actually a few books ive gone through that I will review once I get the time to. Those books include, the Stormlight Archive, Skyward, and Star Wars the force unleashed. after thinking about it, I actually went through a lot of books.

Andromeda Strain if you haven’t seen the show is a book by Micheal Crichton, who also wrote Jurassic Park and the sequel and many other scifi books. I’ve never seen the show by the way so I have no idea how it translates.

The book itself is filled with mystery and tension and a whole lot of scientific jargon. its interesting, and surprisingly engaging. The one thing I have noticed about his writing is that it doesn’t really feel like there’s a main character. I mean technically there is but he switches perspectives often. Even with Jurassic park, it was interesting that I didn’t really stick with one character. like there was a main character but at the same time there wasn’t. I don’t know what it is that makes it feel that way but that’s how I feel.

spoilers coming up

So Andromeda Strain tackles the idea of extra terrestrial life. The idea is that if we do meet extra terrestrial life it won’t be like the science fiction movies we have seen, but more of a virus sized organism. These scientist have theorized that this might happen because of the frequent trips we take to outer space, so, they make a contingency plan just in case. Then, one day, one of their satellites crashes in a small town and a few hours after, the town goes silent. Then the rest of the book is the scientists implementing their plan to try to find a way to keep this thing from going out of hand.

The ending I thought was surprising. turns out that the virus mutated and become docile to people after having killed a whole town of people and melted a plane( I know, strange haha). the scientists found this out when there was a malfunction in the facility they were in and they almost blew themselves up. In order to prevent their destruction one of the main guys had to climb his way in through the facility to shut down the destruction sequence which turns on when there is contamination. luckily for them they were able to make it out okay if not a little beat up.

I thought that was a weird ending to be honest but I think it did open up to a sequel that might involve another mutation after they feel that they are safe. at least that’s where I would go. They would think that they are good, only to find out that the strain is constantly evolving. This would allow the virus to go around and affect the masses without alerting people to its dangers until it is too late. It would make sense, so that’s kind of what I am expecting with the sequel. I don’t know we will see. So far, with Micheal Crichton, Ive enjoyed the writing surprisingly. its definitely different from modern writing nowadays. But, it keeps you engaged and I had no problem going through the book. so, I recommend it. it might not be for everyone, but, for someone who likes more modern writing I thought this was pretty good.

Anyways thanks for reading! until next time!

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