Unbridled Love

I want to take all that I have that is mine.

Give it all away, to the one on my mind.

Take my heart and fill up yours.

Show you that it’s pure and endures through the storm.

let us dance, face to face, hand and hand

Moving to the beat of the drums and the band.

taking every stride through the lows and the highs,

Marching forward side by side.

Never feel like you’re alone,

I’ll wipe all the tears from the tip of your nose

My heart will always have its home

perfectly made to fit the nook of your own.

So I’ll take all that I have that is mine.

Let it fill your thoughts through the calm of the night

let it ride the waves of love and delight

for it is you that I love

it is you that loves me

So let us be in this serenity.

for there is no end to this love I see.

One response to “Unbridled Love”

  1. Your hidden talent, is wonderful to see how our heritage finds its way on its own.
    I never was good writing or reading books but your grandmother had the same talent writing a ton of poems during her lifetime, we still keep some pieces of that great quality and delightful skill of the mind picking up details of life and nature that others can not notice them nor putting them into beautiful writings.
    Thank you Hijo for doing things that never were my passion but I’m passioned reading yours now. God speed mijo.

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